What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Melvin and I celebrated our seventh year as a couple yesterday. I was planning for a wonderful, romantic dinner at a restaurant in the nearby mall and then watch Avatar after. It did not push through. He came late so we just ended up having dinner at Kenny Rogers. I’m planning to cook up something for our second year wedidng anniversary next week.

I’m preparing a surprise birthday dinner for Mom on Saturday. She’s turning 57. I just want to make her feel special that day, thanks to my BDJ planner for the idea. (Side comment: I love that planner because it helps me track my goals. It also has a checklist on the 100 things that you might want to try this year. I’ve done three of them already: Go home early from work; buy one gadget I really covet and write your goals for the year. This weekend, I’m doing something special for my Mom and I might cook a mean pasta dish. That’s five already, 95 more to go. I’m planning to achieve at least 50 of those items. Yipee.)

I’m seriously writing–wedding articles for Wendi and classified ads article for Oliver David. It’s sad that Mustafa has no projects at the moment so that’s two ongoing projects for me. Quite a good start, to think that when I started freelancing, I also had two active projects. Hopefully, Wendz will have more clients so I can write more articles for her. I’m also hoping that Mr. David would like my writing style so that there would be more writing projects for me too. He already paid half of my bid requirement. I have to write three articles for him, due on Friday around 300 – 400 words. I can do it!

I will have another urinalysis tomorrow and then will visit again my doctor to find out whether my UTI’s cured already. I hope I’m already well. I’m a bit bothered that I urinate every 20 minutes. I noticed that just this morning. Also, I’m having back pains. I bought a liniment already for the back pains. I hope that my condition gets better. I hate being sick and drinking medicines. I will get better. I will get well.