Writing Tip: Write your title first

I am guilty with this one. Whenever my clients would ask me to write an article, the last thing that I do before submitting the article is to write my title. However, according to copyblogger.com, writing the headline first allows a writer to clearly express to the reader the possible benefits he or she would get by reading the whole piece. It is similar to making a promise to your readers. In the headline, you promise the audience that you will offer them something helpful, entertaining, or funny. Since it is a promise, it has to be made first before it can be fulfilled.

Another important thing about titles is that it serves as your guide when writing. Whenever I find myself engrossed with my article, I make it a point to look at my title to determine if I am still on the right track.

How about you, do you start your articles by writing the headline first, or are you like me who composes the body first before writing the title? (Not anymore for me. From now on, I promise to compose my title first before starting with my article.)