Are you easily distracted when online?*

*from an e-mail sent by litemind

I do not usually read the e-mails coming from my subscriptions (why did I subscribe anyway?). But this morning, I received this e-mail from Litemind and got me really curious.

I am not a procrastinator but when I am online, I am usually distracted by almost anything that I see on my screen. I usually check out my gmail, then melvin’s yahoomail, then my facebook, twitter, wordpress, and tumbler. However, doing these stuff takes me at least an hour before I finally settle down to work. And yes, it often happens.

Fortunately, the site figured out that a lot of people are often caught in this situation. To solve the problem, the site created a webpage that I can use as my “start page” to remind myself of the things that I should be doing. I tried it today, and yes, it worked for me.

If you are like me, here’s the link that I got from litemind, which you can use yourself to avoid distractions while working. Here’s the link:

Hope it works for you too!