2010: A Review

2010. It is a year of emotions.

I decided to resign from a very stable and promising job to be with my little girl. I remember wishing 2010 to be a fruitful, healthy, and happy year, with plenty of dreams and full of hope. Here’s what I planned 2010 to be:

I want to change career this year. In fact, I already took the first and second steps by resigning last January 11 and applying for online writing jobs. I want to go back to writing, be a full-time wife and mom and still earn P40,000.00 per month. I did not earn at least 40k a month. I hope to achieve this in the coming year. I hope to be a better writer.

– I am targeting a seven-figure savings on our joint account. I already started savings last year and will continue to do so no matter what happens. Melvin promises to be diligent with his expenses this year. I still have doubts about this, being the spender that he is, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. This remains to be fulfilled. *It will be fulfilled 2011!*

I’ll start the countdown to buy a 150 sq m lot (or larger) in Bauan Grand Villas. We were able to purchase a lot (more than 200 sqm but not in Grand Villas), yey to that. Downpayment paid by us, the rest of the monthly dues temporarily shouldered by my parents. Lot will be fully paid March 2011.

– For my fitness goals, I want to wear small size shirts again and weigh 45 kilos again. I will eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Will keep a daily diary on what nutritious food I ate or simple a food diary. I am a lot heavier this year thanks to less than four hours of sleep, loads of carbohydrates, and lack of discipline.

– I will learn how to cook–Filipino cuisine first, then Italian. Learned a few recipes. Will try to cook more often in 2011 (at least once a week).

– Kaila and I will uindergo swimming lessons in Bert Lozada swimming school. Promise, 2011 summer!

– Melvin and I will go on an out of town trip. This should be a yearly celebration–US time, only the two of us, for a week maybe. And I want it to be a family tradition, which we will always look forward to every year. Did not have money for vacation this year. 😦

– Another out of town trip, this time, with Kaila. Hong Kong will be a good destination, though I doubt she will remember it when she grows up. (Childhood amnesia). I want to go to Subic or maybe somewhere south. Disneyland will have to wait until Kaila turns three!

– I want to treat my whole family (Dad/Mom/Shara/Joemar) in an out of town trip, maybe in April in time for Joemar’s graduation. We don’t go out of town. It has never been a family affair but I want to intriduce it to our family this year. Hopefully this 2011.

– I want to organize a family reunion. Tried planning but did not pursue.

Organize high school reunion on December 2010. Done! December 26, 2010

– Read at least 50 books this year and write reviews about each. Are law books included?

Be a positive person. Create a daily gratitude list. List down that everyday, simple things that make me happy. Faithfully keep a journal. Though it was not a daily gratitude list, I kept a journal of the things that I am grateful for and I plan to continue doing this, hopefully everyday.

– Learn to be patient. Learn to keep my temper. This is a work in progress. 🙂

– Talk with Melvin often. Say what I feel. Another work in progress.

– Talk with Mom and Dad. Heart to heart conversations. Talk with Joemar and Shara about life. Build a strong family relationship. I should work harder on this one!

– Watch at least 20 movies at the Cinema. Still not a movie person.

– Wake up and get up from bed before 7 am. Sleep before 12 midnight. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep. I should scratch this from my list. It is impossible with all the many priorities that I have at the moment.

– Drink lots of water. Cut down on soft drinks. And iced coffee. I actually had more coffee this year! Boo!

– Cut down on sugar, sweets, chocolates. An achievement!

– Aside from swimming, take up a sporty hobby and stick to it! This remains to be fulfilled. (Is hiphop abs considered as sport? Haha, don’t answer the question.)

– Renew my faith. Talk to God. Go to church. Pray the rosary. A work in progress.

As for 2011, I have yet to devise a list of things that I want to achieve, but it will definitely include the ones mentioned above.

I remember 2010 as a sad year, full of frustrations and unfulfilled dreams.

Despite all those sad emotions, I am thankful that this year, we get to be together as a family. Melvin, Kaila, and I get to bond together, sleep together, go to Church together, eat together, and share stories with each other. Thank you Lord for times like these. When Melvin starts working again, these moments will surely be missed.

2011. I am looking forward for a better and happy year. I pray that the coming year will be a better one, if not the best, for me, my family, my friends, my country, and the world.