End of quarter life crisis

The one-week hiatus means I have been very busy with all aspects of my life.

Apparently, my quarter life crisis is not yet over. Two Saturdays ago, I found out the SM Batangas is hiring for the Brand Officer position (marketing). Since I am still confused about what I am going to do with my life, I applied for the position. They called me up for interview (I was not surprised) last Thursday, May 20. I had two interviews that day and was supposed to go to another interview the following day, supposedly with the Brand Manager.

Guess what. I withdrew my application. My condition to work again is that they should pay me at least what BPI was paying me before I left the company. I had a hint that they would not give that. (“Ang laki naman ng hinihingi mo” was the comment of the HR Supervisor, though she said the HR Manager would discuss the salary details with me.) Next, the HR Supervisor explained to me that the job would entail me to work on weekends and on holidays. “Kaya mo bang magtrabaho pag holiday?” was what she asked me, to which I answered “Kakayanin ko po. It’s a big adjustment pero I believe kakayanin ko ‘yon.”

Apparently, I could not and would not work on holidays. So I withdrew my application.

Tomorrow, I will be applying in Law School at a university here in Batangas. I would have wanted to study in UP or San Beda, but I am not willing to give up the time that I am spending with Kaila. As Abbey always says, “why give up one, when you can have them both?”

Good luck to me. Hopefully, this ends my quarter life crisis.