It’s a boy!

There, I said it already. I, together with Melvin and Kaila, visited my OB today for my monthly check up. And there, the doctor confirmed that Kaila’s going to have a baby brother. Yey. I was really happy about it because we’ve been wishing for a healthy baby boy. And God is good, our wish was granted. Thank you God.

Preggy notes: I’ve been feeling baby’s kicks since last month. The doctor said we’re both fine and everything is as expected. I had a UTI last month too. It was very painful that I asked to be brought to my OB. She prescribed antibiotics and vaginal relaxant for my UTI. This month, I experienced itchiness, which the doctor said is caused by fungi. I’ve read that this is common to pregnant women although I did not experience it the last time I was pregnant with Kaila. The doctor prescribed an anti-fungal vaginal tablet to treat my condition.