Up to know, I still don’t see myself as a lawyer in the future. It is a bad thing, right? I always believe that if you want something, you have to see it happening. You have to focus your mind that it will happen. Dream. Ask. Believe. Receive. I learned that from The Secret. I know I want to be a lawyer. And I need to see it happening.

As I was browsing through FB, I came across the photos of my friends signing their roll and it came to me: yes, I want it so bad to be a lawyer to fulfill the dream of my Dad and to give a better life to my family and to travel the world with my loved ones. Seeing their pictures signing their rolls with their family, seeing the tears of joy of their parents, seeing the smiles on their faces–these images motivate me to go on and study harder. Yes, I will become a lawyer soon. I know it will happen. Please be with me God always. Please help me to fulfill this dream.

And so, to help me see this happening, I grabbed some of their photos, which I will also post in my dream board.

This is my motivation. What's yours?