picture perfect!

My little girl’s been tinkering around with the camera lately. With any camera. Last night, she wanted to have a picture with me before we went to sleep. Sharing with you our photos last night.

playing with the camera before sleeping


I was looking at our (Melvin, Kaila and my) pictures during our Christmas holiday in Singapore. Suddenly I cried. I can’t help it. I miss my little girl and my husband so much. I always miss them. I always want to see them, hear their voices, be with them.

Whenever people ask me why I resigned from my job, I always tell them my situation. Some understand my decision; others would say I should have stayed with my job. I know what they mean. But whenever I see pictures of my family, whenever I think about them, I knew I made the right choice. They’re the most important possession I have right now and I would trade anything just to be with them.

I love them so.


I called the other branch this afternoon, wanting to talk to my manager, who’s relieving for an officer on leave. My good friend Ate Che answered the phone. I knew she was shocked. She didn’t expect me to call her branch. We have not yet talked since I told her that I resigned from the job. And I knew why, even if she didn’t tell me. Well, she already told me when we spoke. She would cry. According to he, matigas ang puso nya, at ako lang nakapagpaiyak sa kanya.

I’m so happy to have found a friend like her. I know it’s a friendship that’ll last a lifetime. I’m going to miss her.


I’m going to miss a lot of things.

City life, which I never enjoyed.
The millions of money that I count everyday.
My friends Ate Che, Ate Lenzy, Marj, Arghen, Sir Aldwin. Iris, Jenny, Allan, Sir Ron. Anjh. Jaymee.
Kuya Jojo, Manong Caloy and Kuya Erick, who have been very loyal and very dependable.
Having a place that I can call my own.
Sleeping alone.
Me time.
Robinsons. Powerbooks. Toys R Us. Nine West. Banana Leaf. Rustans.
Manila Astral Tower.
Clients. Clients who became friends. Client representatives. Clients who will never be my friend. Dra Padilla who said I’m her favorite. Dr. Vistal. Mr. Roh. Sir Glen. Manong Mon. Jayjay. Ate Raquel. Ate Alona. Ate Janet. Jena Almanzor. IWC. IMS. Medhaus. YWA. Ipams. Mam Lolly. Edna H. Everyone. Dr. Valderrama. Dr. Jimeno. Dr. Del Rosario. Kuya Abet. Sir Enrico. Carload. Just everyone. e. revatoris. atty. chavez. lawyers. feeling lawyers. feeling preferred clients. preferred clients. j hizon. gsp.
Being treated the way I am treated.
Shrimp roll. Garahe. Breakfast everyday prepared by Kuya Jojo.
Signing checks. Signing withdrawal slips. Armored Cars. Manager’s check. demand draft.
don santiago building. r. s. angeles. bp checks.
BPI Padre Faura, how may I help you? 5215127. 5224805. 5223428. 5221636.
my passwords. password please. buds. imns. technicalities. lotus notes. employee number 166594.
telephone numbers of clients that i already memorize.
gl reports. samba. overdrafts. dormant accounts. accountable forms.
vault combinations.
otp batch 85. abbey. ies.
old spaghetti house.
nu skin. kl. erwin. rona. hiyas. shin. yvonne. jonah. trafalgar. octagon. megamall. yoshinoya.
conversation about clients.
movie time. kainang busog na busog. dencios. mei-lin. banana cue.
sungit mode.
vito cruz. kenny rogers. lrt buendia.
high heeled shoes. long sleeved blouses. slacks.

I’m writing everything down. I don’t want to forget.

Reminiscing childhood

I’m having lots of realizations lately. Childhood dreams suddenly pop up while traveling, walking, and even working. I’m thinking that this is the side effect of having plenty of free time.

R.K., one of my favorite authors, said that the difference with the rich and the poor is what they do with their free time.

Lately, I’ve been writing and rewriting, reading (including status updates of my friends in facebook) and re-connecting with old friends. I know these are not productive if we talk about money and wealth, but as I e-mailed (will post the e-mail soon) I’m taking things slow.

Going back to my realizations and recollections, I remembered traveling with my aunt’s family (my uncle who was the driver and their five kids) when I was a kid. We—Dad, if he’s at home, Mom, sis and bro—would always ride in my aunt’s jeepney because we didn’t have our own vehicle then.

I recalled myself looking outside the window, watching the passing cars and viewing the lovely houses. My cousin and I would always count the beautiful houses and we would tell each other that someday, we’re going to have our own beautiful house.

Fast forward to 2009. My family and my aunt’s family no longer travel together as often as when I was a kid. We already have our own vehicle. Even if we take a ride with them, somebody was always missing because my cousins have work already or that they don’t want to visit my mother’s old town anymore. My cousin and I already have our own families. (Both of us married last year, and both are unplanned; well it’s a different story already.)

Whatever happened to the house of our dreams? My house remains a dream. So is hers, I guess. We never get to talk as we used to. We grew apart along with time’s passing. And if we ever wanted to reconnect, much has happened that we don’t know where to start.

I still dream of building my own house. And I long for the days when we would just sit under a tree and talk about almost anything. Melodie/December 7, 2009

is it time to let go?

i think melvin is finally letting go of our very first car, 228. she’s already 13 years old and is having some problems with her engine. i don’t want to let her go. one because of the memories attached to her and of course, for the cost of replacing her.

will still be discussing the matter with my hubby. after all, we’ll be buying a new engine for her soon.