Extra Special Vday

Valentines Day was extra special. Because I confirmed that I was pregnant.


And I received this surprise from hubby.


If you’ve been a constant follower, you know already that I don’t really expect something special during special occasions because Melvin and I are not the thoughtful/swet type of couple. I have been wishing for the longest time for him to surprise me. Well, wishes do come true hihi. First, last Christmas when he gave me Siri. And yesterday, when he sent the flowers while we were having a class.

Hihi. I feel so special. 🙂

We are so happy about the second baby. God willing, sana healthy baby boy. Kaila is not yet prepared to have a sibling though. She is still in the denial stage. “walang baby sa tummy si mommy,” and “i am kaila, hindi ate kaila” were her reactions. Time to make some adjustments. Time to prepare her for the arrival of the little one.

Happy 2012

Happy 2012 everyone! The best way to spend the start of year is with our family. I am glad to be spending this day with Kaila and Melvin and Mom and Dad. Thank you God for this. Praying for an abundant, happy, and healthy year for us and for all our loved ones.


Clean Up Day

Day 1 of 14 is clean up day. Melvin’s been telling  me that his room needs some organizing and that would be the very first thing that I should do when I get here. I am not very good when it comes to cleaning and organizing closets because I have allergy to dust so I get sneeze-y each time I attempt to clean the house. Out of love (choz!), I cleaned up his room and his closet all morning. Good thing Mom and Dad brought Kaila to the market so I had the house all by myself. Finished cleaning around 1pm.

Is there a difference?

Then, I accompanied Kaila to the pool. She’s been bugging us all morning that she wanted to go swimming. So around 2pm, I decided to bring her downstairs for 1-hour swim. Here’s some pics of Kaila while on the pool.

Enjoying the pool. Can't wait for her to learn how to swim.

We were scheduled to go to church at 530 when Melvin comes home from work. However, Kaila got tired from swimming so she slept immediately when we got upstairs. We went to church of St. Mary and attended the 7pm mass instead. After which, we went to the nearby mall to buy a printer for Melvin. Here’s us before going to the church.

love love love family pics

Happy day everyone!

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Myself as a Mommy

The first time someone greeted me “Happy Mother’s Day!” I could not explain the feeling. I was 25, working, and get to see my little girl only on weekends. I was a week-end mom then. After my three-year contract with the bank, I decided to leave my job to focus on my family. That was one of the biggest decisions of my life: choosing family over my blossoming career.

Tomorrow is my second year as a mother. It has been three months since I became a full-time mom. I realized that being a mother is both difficult and fulfilling. There are times when I just want to cry because of frustration and anger. There are moments when I find myself looking for jobs or dreaming of being in law school. But whenever I see my baby smiling at me, whenever she hugs and kisses me, whenever she disturbs me with whatever I’m doing just to ask if we could play, I know that I’ve made the right choice.

Being a mother is the best job any woman could ever have. No monetary compensation can match the fulfillment one feels when you see your child walk for the first time, or when you hear her say “I love you Mommy,” or when you sit close to her as she learn her ABCs. I am always asking God to make me a good Mom, to make me become the best that I can be. I want my child and future children to grow up to become good individuals. I want to inspire them, I want to share them every beautiful thing in this world. I think that’s what every mom desires her children to be.

I am not very close to my mom. We don’t have heart-to-heart conversations. We never discussed feelings, boys, secrets. As I strive to further deepen my relationship with my mom, I am also striving to open me and my daughter’s communication lines. Every night, I always tell her how much I love her. I always share stories to her. Still at a very young age, I know she does not comprehend every word I say but I want to make it a habit to share almost everything to her.

I  still have a long way to go. And we (I and Melvin) are still experimenting with parenting. I always pray that God guides us in our parental duties so that we become good parents to Kaila (and our future kids) and that Kaila (and future kids) grow up to become good persons as well.


Happy Mothers’ Day to my mommy and my nanay (melvin’s mom) and all the mothers in the world.

I was looking at our (Melvin, Kaila and my) pictures during our Christmas holiday in Singapore. Suddenly I cried. I can’t help it. I miss my little girl and my husband so much. I always miss them. I always want to see them, hear their voices, be with them.

Whenever people ask me why I resigned from my job, I always tell them my situation. Some understand my decision; others would say I should have stayed with my job. I know what they mean. But whenever I see pictures of my family, whenever I think about them, I knew I made the right choice. They’re the most important possession I have right now and I would trade anything just to be with them.

I love them so.


I called the other branch this afternoon, wanting to talk to my manager, who’s relieving for an officer on leave. My good friend Ate Che answered the phone. I knew she was shocked. She didn’t expect me to call her branch. We have not yet talked since I told her that I resigned from the job. And I knew why, even if she didn’t tell me. Well, she already told me when we spoke. She would cry. According to he, matigas ang puso nya, at ako lang nakapagpaiyak sa kanya.

I’m so happy to have found a friend like her. I know it’s a friendship that’ll last a lifetime. I’m going to miss her.


I’m going to miss a lot of things.

City life, which I never enjoyed.
The millions of money that I count everyday.
My friends Ate Che, Ate Lenzy, Marj, Arghen, Sir Aldwin. Iris, Jenny, Allan, Sir Ron. Anjh. Jaymee.
Kuya Jojo, Manong Caloy and Kuya Erick, who have been very loyal and very dependable.
Having a place that I can call my own.
Sleeping alone.
Me time.
Robinsons. Powerbooks. Toys R Us. Nine West. Banana Leaf. Rustans.
Manila Astral Tower.
Clients. Clients who became friends. Client representatives. Clients who will never be my friend. Dra Padilla who said I’m her favorite. Dr. Vistal. Mr. Roh. Sir Glen. Manong Mon. Jayjay. Ate Raquel. Ate Alona. Ate Janet. Jena Almanzor. IWC. IMS. Medhaus. YWA. Ipams. Mam Lolly. Edna H. Everyone. Dr. Valderrama. Dr. Jimeno. Dr. Del Rosario. Kuya Abet. Sir Enrico. Carload. Just everyone. e. revatoris. atty. chavez. lawyers. feeling lawyers. feeling preferred clients. preferred clients. j hizon. gsp.
Being treated the way I am treated.
Shrimp roll. Garahe. Breakfast everyday prepared by Kuya Jojo.
Signing checks. Signing withdrawal slips. Armored Cars. Manager’s check. demand draft.
don santiago building. r. s. angeles. bp checks.
BPI Padre Faura, how may I help you? 5215127. 5224805. 5223428. 5221636.
my passwords. password please. buds. imns. technicalities. lotus notes. employee number 166594.
telephone numbers of clients that i already memorize.
gl reports. samba. overdrafts. dormant accounts. accountable forms.
vault combinations.
otp batch 85. abbey. ies.
old spaghetti house.
nu skin. kl. erwin. rona. hiyas. shin. yvonne. jonah. trafalgar. octagon. megamall. yoshinoya.
conversation about clients.
movie time. kainang busog na busog. dencios. mei-lin. banana cue.
sungit mode.
vito cruz. kenny rogers. lrt buendia.
high heeled shoes. long sleeved blouses. slacks.

I’m writing everything down. I don’t want to forget.

On Anniversary

Our second year anniversary celebration was simply amazing. That was our first celebration together because he was in Singapore last year so we didn’t get to celebrate last year.

It was just a simple date but it was something that I imagined it to be. We went together to Rob’s Place, window shopped (I kept pulling him out of every store that he went to knowing that he’d surely buy something expensive for himself if found something that he liked.), ate at Almon Marina, then had a whole body massage at Annie’s. The massage was great. It was an hour of therapeutic rub yet I was really relaxed and rejuvenated.

Why was it amazing? For one, we don’t go out on dates like that. When we go out, we only eat at an ordinary restaurant then that’s it. Second, the massage is something we haven’t done before. Third, we simply enjoyed it.

Yey! More anniversaries to come! Thank you Lord for simple things like these. They mean a lot to me.

Fruitful, Healthy, Wealthy and Happy 2010

After recapping the year that was, here’s a list of what 2010 would befor me–the goals, the wish list, the plans, and everything else in between.

– I want to change career this year. In fact, I already took the first and second steps by resigning last January 11 and applying for online writing jobs. I want to go back to writing, be a full-time wife and mom and still earn P40,000.00 per month.

– I am targeting a seven-figure savings on our joint account. I already started savings last year and will continue to do so no matter what happens. Melvin promises to be diligent with his expenses this year. I still have doubts about this, being the spender that he is, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

– I’ll start the countdown to buy a 150 sq m lot (or larger) in Bauan Grand Villas. I told Melvin I want a house already by the time we’re three years into our marriage. This year is the second year of our marriage so we better start preparing for that dream house. The house will be two storey, with a library-cum-office for myself, den for our family get together, a garden that I will take care of and a garage for at least two vehicles. It will have four bedrooms, two tub&bath, a maid’s quarters and veranda on the second floor. I want my architect friend to design the house for me. I want it fully furnished, contemporary yet still very homey.

– For my fitness goals, I want to wear small size shirts again and weigh 45 kilos again. I will eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Will keep a daily diary on what nutritious food I ate or simple a food diary.

– I will learn how to cook–Filipino cuisine first, then Italian. (Since I’ll be home based!) I should learn to cook a hearty breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner meals for the whole week (so that would equal to about at least 21 types of dish for Filipino cuisine) plus several variations of pasta dishes.

– Kaila and I will uindergo swimming lessons in Bert Lozada swimming school.

– Melvin and I will go on an out of town trip. This should be a yearly celebration–US time, only the two of us, for a week maybe. And I want it to be a family tradition, which we will always look forward to every year.

– Another out of town trip, this time, with Kaila. Hong Kong will be a good destination, though I doubt she will remember it when she grows up. (Childhood amnesia). I want to go to Subic or maybe somewhere south.

– I want to treat my whole family (Dad/Mom/Shara/Joemar) in an out of town trip, maybe in April in time for Joemar’s graduation. We don’t go out of town. It has never been a family affair but I want to intriduce it to our family this year.

– I want to organize a family reunion, I’m thinking to do it on my Mom’s birthday but it may be too soon. My siblings will be the one to cook the meals, but our relatives will also bring their share. Create a program for that. There will be games and prizes too.

– Organize high school reunion on December 2010.

– Read at least 50 books this year and write reviews about each.

– Be a positive person. Create a daily gratitude list. List down that everyday, simple things that make me happy. Faithfully keep a journal.

– Learn to be patient. Learn to keep my temper.

– Talk with Melvin often. Say what I feel.

– Talk with Mom and Dad. Heart to heart conversations. Talk with Joemar and Shara about life. Build a strong family relationship.

– Watch at least 20 movies at the Cinema.

– Wake up and get up from bed before 7 am. Sleep before 12 midnight. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep.

– Drink lots of water. Cut down on soft drinks. And iced coffee.

– Cut down on sugar, sweets, chocolates.

– Aside from swimming, take up a sporty hobby and stick to it!

– Renew my faith. Talk to God. Go to church. Pray the rosary.

I plan to make 2010 and 26th year a very memorable, fruitful, happy, healthy and wealthy year