Hey ho! Time to update my followers.

New look should mean new post, right? Well, nothing much lately, except that I’m keeping myself busy with a lot of things.

1. Completing my photo book project for the Singapore 2011 Summer Trip with Mom and Kaila


See the screen shot? (I had to Google how to take a screen shot using Mac, hahaha.) I already finished the 2009 trip but I used the iPhoto and for that, I could not get it printed since it’s not available in the Philippines. And when I am in Singapore, I always forget to do it. So the 2009 album is just stuck in my Mac. I plan to have this printed once I finish it (crosses fingers).

2. Enrolled Kaila

After we got back from SG, I came to know that school starts on June 6. The “pas away” mommy that I am had not enrolled Kaila by then. Nauna ko pa gang ibili ng school shoes bago ko sya i-enroll, haha. (I bought her school shoes first instead of enrolling her.) Yay, she’s enrolled and I now have a Kindergarten student. How time flies! In fact I am already thinking whether to enroll her in an international school when she reaches Grade 1. (A child costs 90,000 pesos!!!)

3. Attended UB’s 1st Annual IHL Moot Court Seminar

(photos not mine)

… and learned a LOT from it. I am a part of the moot court team, would you believe that? I never really considered myself a good public speaker and now, I am a mooter. How in the world did that happen? Well, I was forced (hahaha) to join. And from the seminar, I learned why. (Secret, hahaha.) I am simply thankful for being a part of it. 🙂

What I learned? Everything is HARD WORK. There is no such thing as overnight success. Practice makes perfect. Preparation and prayer + a little bit of luck. Sorry for deleting the details, I am too lazy to type all of them, hahaha.

4. Reading Succession

The four-unit subject for this semester. The key subject to regain my scholarship. Ang subject that will either make or break me, haha. First year, first sem, it was Persons and Family Relations. I got a low grade kaya di ako umabot sa cut-off. Second sem, it was Obligations and Contracts. I did get in because I got an 88 here. Second year, first sem, ugh, PROPERTY!!! Second sem, CIVIL PROCEDURE. And the professor is the dean. Well, after I received my CivPro grade, I told him, “Sir, di lang siguro talaga tayo same wave length.” O well, this sem, it’s succession. And I promise, gagalingan ko dito. The subject is also interesting, manahan. As if maraming kayamanan, hahaha.

5. IELTS Review

Not me. Melvin. He’s taking the test for his Australian visa by the end of the month and he assigned me to review him. Not really a task but he’s making it hard for me. Daming gusto, hahaha. I can do this. 🙂

So there, I’m currently busy. Always busy, hahaha.


(Writing so as not to forget these things. Don’t have time to make lengthy blog post, hehe.)

A couple of friends asked me, “how’s law school.” Without thinking, I answered, “I’m enjoying it.” Yes, I enjoy law school. I can’t wait to be a lawyer soon.
Kaila discovered that Sprite is delicious. Uh-oh. I used to give her Coke, just to give her an opportunity to taste it. You know, as a parent, you do not want to deny your kids the opportunity to enjoy small pleasures. The first time she tasted it, she did not like it. And so last Sunday, she asked if she could drink Sprite and I said yes. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the taste. Which means no Sprite will be allowed in the house from now on, haha.
Kaila’s fond of pink stuff. She also likes Hello Kitty stuff (we were at Digital Walker, MOA last Sunday because I was looking for iGuy for her iPad. iGuy’s out of stock, unfortunately. When she saw the Hello Kitty iPad cover, she wouldn’t let it go. So instead of spending only a little over Php1,000 for iGuy, I spent Php2000++ for the Hello Kitty cover.)

She also likes playing dress up (meaning she’s dressing up Barbie in her iPad). She enjoys doll houses (she’s had three already). She does not like the actual Barbie doll. She loves drums. She enjoys bubbles. (Tapos na at a balloon phase nya, there was a time when after we went to church, she would always request for balloons.) She loves watching Cartoon Network na over Disney Channel. She hates writing, she says she’s tired when I teach her to write.
Midterms next week. Pressure!!!

It was June and I was busy

School month. Man, I was busy, not only because my classes already started but also because Kaila’s in school. We decided to enroll her at a “creative” learning center instead of our original plan to put her in a daycare with her cousin. She’s keeping me very busy because, three weeks have passed, yet, she’s still not used to the daily routines of going to school-and-mommy leaving her with teacher and her classmates. 😦 She’s always dreading to go to school but after I leave her without her notice, teacher said she participates in class. I tried brainwashing her (school is fun/mommy won’t leave, I’m just downstairs/classmates will play with you/you will draw circles on the board) and tried every means possible to so that she would be excited to go to school but to no avail. She’s not fully adjusted and I cannot understand this phase in her life. What am I going to do? I keep telling myself that she is just testing my patience and that she is still on the adjustment stage and that soon, she will be excited for school. Despite all these, I am happy that she is learning everyday. Lessons for the past weeks included shapes, colors, and letter A, all of which she already knows. They are also being taught to be independent–students are advised to bring extra clothes everyday because they teach the kids how to dress on their own. It is easier to get her to pray before sleeping because they always pray before classes start and before eating. Teacher said Kaila loves to draw circles and that she’s always singing and dancing in class. At sya ang epitome ng batang recess ang paboritong subject, because teacher said she’s always excited during lunch time. She always wants to distribute her classmates’ place mats. She’s not yet used to play with kids her age, probably one reason why she’s not very much excited to go to school. Kids play for 30 minutes before the formal class starts and I noticed that Kaila does not play with her classmates. Either she wants to play with me or with teacher. When her classmates call her, she chose to ignore them or go to me and hide. Anti-social girl! All her classmates know her (they are 10 in class) because she always cries in class and her teachers always make “alo” so that I can escape from the room. Hay, my little girl. I can’t even take a good picture of her in uniform because most of the time, she has sumpong before going to school. Oh and last Tuesday was supposed to be a picture-taking day for their IDs but she had tantrums that she did not want her picture to be taken.

Meanwhile, I’ve been really busy with school as well: four-hour classes every Monday with the dean, and three-hour classes every Wednesday with the dean emiritus. Our professors now are stricter, and the subjects are harder. Oh, and I was named article editor of the law journal. Please God let me survive second year successfully.

On other matters… what other matters? School-home has been my routine ever since. 😉 For July, I hope it will be an easier month. Kaila will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on the 12th and Melvin’s home for a week. Yey. 🙂


got my first sem grades already. they were neither good nor bad. they’re mediocre grades and i am not happy about them. i am actually at the verge of crying because i am not used to receiving these kinds of grades. plus the fact that i was not able to meet the required average to avail the 50% discount on tuition fee. o my. o my. and i’m going to meet again the prof who gave me my lowest grade (in persons) in my oblicon subject, which is a 5-unit subject. hay.
good vibes please. i need good vibes to start my second sem right.

Welcome Law School

I’m not yet enrolled but I passed the qualifying exam and interview. I will be enrolling on June 4 since I have to wait for the other possible scholars Yey, 50% off because I graduated cum laude in college.

I was actually unprepared when I took the exam, thinking that the exam would cover logic and the usual entrance exams. I was surprised when I read the essay questions (implication of this and that, my stand on this and that, and all those stuff). The questions reminded me of my journalism subject with Prof. Teodoro. haha.

I would have wanted to study in UP or San Beda or Ateneo but I did not take their entrance exams. I wanted Kaila to be with me but it was simply not possible. I checked UB’s passing rate in bar exams and ok naman, almost 100% passing rate since 1997.

So it’s really back to school for me after five years. I am pretty excited. Law on Mass Media was my favorite subject in college and Atty. Avecilla (sorry guys) was one of my favorite professors (because I was one of his favorite students and gave me 1.25 in the said subject). My sister’s back to school also for her Master’s Degree in Psychology while our youngest is now included in the employed statistics.

I am looking forward to law school and so many readings and recitations.

End of quarter life crisis

The one-week hiatus means I have been very busy with all aspects of my life.

Apparently, my quarter life crisis is not yet over. Two Saturdays ago, I found out the SM Batangas is hiring for the Brand Officer position (marketing). Since I am still confused about what I am going to do with my life, I applied for the position. They called me up for interview (I was not surprised) last Thursday, May 20. I had two interviews that day and was supposed to go to another interview the following day, supposedly with the Brand Manager.

Guess what. I withdrew my application. My condition to work again is that they should pay me at least what BPI was paying me before I left the company. I had a hint that they would not give that. (“Ang laki naman ng hinihingi mo” was the comment of the HR Supervisor, though she said the HR Manager would discuss the salary details with me.) Next, the HR Supervisor explained to me that the job would entail me to work on weekends and on holidays. “Kaya mo bang magtrabaho pag holiday?” was what she asked me, to which I answered “Kakayanin ko po. It’s a big adjustment pero I believe kakayanin ko ‘yon.”

Apparently, I could not and would not work on holidays. So I withdrew my application.

Tomorrow, I will be applying in Law School at a university here in Batangas. I would have wanted to study in UP or San Beda, but I am not willing to give up the time that I am spending with Kaila. As Abbey always says, “why give up one, when you can have them both?”

Good luck to me. Hopefully, this ends my quarter life crisis.

Letter to Self

Dear Emotional Self,

Eight days to go before your last chance to take the entrance to law school is over and still you have not made up your mind. This is your dream, right? Or maybe not. This is your Dad’s dream. You want to go to law school because someone, you want to make your Dad proud. After everything that you have gone through–taking up Journalism (which he did not want), working over continuing your studies, getting pregnant, getting married, resigning from your job–at the back of your mind, you still want to fulfill the lifelong dream of your Dad.

If you go to law school, what will happen?

You’re going to miss your child again. I know you hate that feeling. You have always wanted to become a hands-on Mommy to your child, one reason why you chose your family over your budding career.

You have to go through another four years of study, graduate, pass the bar exams, and work again. You do not want to work anymore right? Your favorite author, R. K., has greatly influenced you in your decision not to work again. From Quadrant E, you want to jump to Quadrant B and I. You know that you will never be rich if you stay on your job. You have to start a business and build empires.

What will you do know? You have eight days to decide. Again, you are stuck between two roads; which way would you choose?

Yours truly,

Your Thinking Self

law school dreams

I want to study law; but I don’t see myself being a lawyer. How queer is that?

The law school dream started in college, when I was attending a Law on Mass Media class conducted by, let’s call him, The Notorious Terror Professor. It was my second time having him as a professor and I did like him. In fact, he gave me a 1.25 as a final grade in class. I wasn’t his favorite, but I believed I impressed him, the reason for the high grade. Also, it’s my Dad’s ultimate dream for me, being his first born who have been an above average, if not excellent, student since the first day of school. I have disappointed him when I got pregnant and married a man whom he disapproved of. I believe I still owe him that despite the fact that he’s already accepted my husband and he adores my daughter.

Before college graduation, I thought of taking the law entrance exam but my decision came a day before the last day of submission of requirements. Then years passed. About a month ago, four people reminded me of my law school dreams. I almost reached a point when all I needed to do was submit my requirements. Again I did not pushed through with it.

Why o why?

There are a lot of considerations.

1. I have a family already. Studying again means less time with my daughter (which, if you’ve been reading my previous entries, is not what I want to happen) and giving up either of my workor my business.
2. I was not prepared to take the exam. I’ve read the blogs of people who took the exam and almost all of them reviewed for it. It’s something that I should prepare myself because I’ll be entering a prestigious university, my alma mater.
3. It’s contrary to what I’ve been reading a lot so far about being rich.
4. I’m not yet financially stable to support law school.

Yes, I really want to enter law school. But I’m postponing my dreams for now, for a year or two maybe. But I will definitely pursue this. This is a promise to myself.