back in hospital again

this month started with kaila in the hospital. last may, she was in the hospital for some viral infection and this time, she was hospitalized because of pneumonia. she had a cough for a week and persistent fever, the reason why we had to admit her to the hospital. the experience was very stressful for kaila and i. first because august and september are peak seasons in hospitals, so we had no room to stay. we had to go transfer to another hospital, was admitted but had to share the room with three other patients. imagine a small room packed with sick children, their parents, and other visitors. then, everytime nurses would come to check kaila’s temperature, she would cry. then, every time we had to nebulize her, she would also cry. i barely had sleep, and her dad too.

kaila’s ok already, but we had take home meds that she will have to take for a week. this is another cause of stress for both of us because i am always having a hard time having her take her medicines. i have tried every possible way to get her to take her meds but to no avail. we always end up forcing her to take her meds, and then she would vomit the meds after. i have searched the internet for some tips on how to get toddlers to drink their medicines. will try all of these and find out if these will be effective for kaila (crosses fingers).


The Hospital Experience

Got home yesterday from the hospital. It has been a really long weekend. It was my little girl’s first time to be hospitalized since I gave birth to her. I was really worried but at the same time proud of my little girl. She was indeed very brave.

Last Saturday, around 4:30 pm, her yaya brought her inside the house after trying to put her to sleep outside. After putting her down, she vomited lots of liquids. I thought she would be ok after that but the vomiting persisted nine times. We even brought her to a manghihilot since my mom said “baka nabati si kai.” The hilot did not work, we brought her to the nearby hospital because I was really worried about her. Also, she was already dehydrated since she her body was refusing to take in liquids. She would vomit after drinking water.

When the nurse inserted needle on her right hand, she cried and called me (Mommy Mommy). I soothed her, told her that she would be fine. She was very brave. She did not try to pull her hand from the nurse (who failed to find her vein the first time so he inserted the needle on the left hand instead); she did not even scream as what a 21-month old child would do.

We stayed for 3 nights and 3 days in the hospital. Those were the longest nights and days of my life. I was crying (when she and her Dad were asleep), I was praying, I was hurting. Ganon pala ang feeling na maging isang ina. Kung pwede lang na ikaw ang masaktan, ikaw ang magkasakit, ikaw ang kuhanan ng dugo instead of your child. Every time the doctor or the nurses would come in, Kaila would cry and I would soothe her and she would stop crying. Eventually, she became friends with the nurses. She got used to the nurses taking her temperature and fixing her dextrose. She never get used to the doctor though (who was not her pedia but a resident pedia of the nearby hospital). She has always been afraid of doctors ever since her pedia siphoned mucous out of her nostrils when she was a baby. (I usually talk her out when we visit her pedia–what her doctor would do, what she would expect, blah blah but it does not work. She still cried when her pedia taouches her.)

We had to ask the nurses to remove her dextrose on Monday night because she was really crying (“sakit! sakit!”). They said they would reinsert the needle on her right arm instead but we refused because she was already fine–she was already eating, no more fever, no more vomit. True enough, her left hand was already swollen after the nurse removed her dextrose. My poor baby.

She was fine the whole day (tuesday) so the doctor already signed the papers and we left the hospital. Getting out of that building was a relief. I never hated hospitals but I also never enjoyed being there. I never even dreamed of being a nurse or doctor. Bringing my child there was one of the worst feelings in the world.

Kaila’s ok already even though she still have rashes (sikal/tuko) and I still have to give her her meds every six hours. Good thing the medicine tasted good, like her favorite jelly ace. Last night I was able to lure her to take the meds without her crying. Though when I woke her up at 4am today, she cried and wouldn’t take her medicine.

I hope everything will be ok already. I usually stop Kaila from eating too much, or I sometimes would like to pinch or spank her for being so pilya, or I sometimes would find myself wanting to scream at her because she would not listen to what I say but I definitely prefer those days instead of those long weekends in the hospital.

Thank you Lord for keeping my child safe. I always pray that she stays healthy and safe. May You always guide and bless her. Please bless also all the children in the world.