Someday, I’ll Travel the World

Before college, the farthest place that I’ve been to was, o well, Tagaytay. It was fourth year high school and we decided to go somewhere far for some bonding time with my classmates. We stayed in the rest house of my classmate’s uncle (currently the country’s VP), dropped by the market, and then spent the whole day inside the house. (Oh, that was the same house used in one of the most popular movies of Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto, I think that was their last movie together).

The point is, I haven’t been somewhere far before that. Maybe because my Dad has always been away and that we had no vehicle then except a tricycle and that my Mom is not the adventurous/outgoing type of person. We were confined mostly inside the house. I did go out with friends but we only went as far as Caedo (a mini-mall and the only mall in our place way back 1997), which is like 30 minutes away from our place.

Up to know, almost 10 years after, I have not visited many places. I spent almost nine years in the Greater Manila Area but I was not able to go to Divisoria, where almost all people go to during the holiday season to find the cheapest gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. I was in Quezon City for four years but I only knew the routes going to SM North, to Delta (where a college friend used to live), to City Hall, to GMA-7 and ABS-CBN. I have only been to Araneta Coliseum twice (to watch cheerdance competition during my first year; and on a date with my then-bf-now-husband Melvin). I lived in Makati for two years  but most of my time were spent inside the beautiful malls of Makati. When I transferred to Manila, I spend most of my time inside the bank, in the condo, in Robinson’s Ermita, in Makati with my million-dollar business venture then.

It must be a boring life, you may be thinking. I guess it is. I do not go out. I prefer to be alone instead of socializing with friends. I prefer to watch TV, read a book, or sleep instead of partying. Sometimes, I regret those moments when I should be with friends, deepen my relationship with them, or simply spend time with them. But most of what I regret is that I didn’t take time to go out and visit wonderful places.

Every time I see photos of my friends going to different places in and out of the country, how I wish I can do that too. I want to spend my time with Melvin and Kaila away from the city like these two. I want to be alone for at least a month or two and experience the world.

What is preventing me from doing this? Well, budget is number one. If you are an avid reader or if you are my stalker, you know that life is not as easy as it used to be. If budget is not an issue, it is because I do not have constant companion to travel. Well, my family does not travel a lot. My husband is not the type who wants to step out of his comfort zone. My friends, o well, we are all busy with our own lives that our schedule will not fit in.

How about traveling by myself? I’m planning for it. Maybe a 12-day European tour in two or three years. Or maybe I’ll seek a study grant in the US after I finish law school and pass the bar. Or I’ll wait for Kaila to grow up and we’ll travel together anywhere in the world. Then we’ll bring Melvin with us, by then he won’t have an excuse. 😉

For now, well, I’m always traveling, that is from my house to school and back.


Fruitful, Healthy, Wealthy and Happy 2010

After recapping the year that was, here’s a list of what 2010 would befor me–the goals, the wish list, the plans, and everything else in between.

– I want to change career this year. In fact, I already took the first and second steps by resigning last January 11 and applying for online writing jobs. I want to go back to writing, be a full-time wife and mom and still earn P40,000.00 per month.

– I am targeting a seven-figure savings on our joint account. I already started savings last year and will continue to do so no matter what happens. Melvin promises to be diligent with his expenses this year. I still have doubts about this, being the spender that he is, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

– I’ll start the countdown to buy a 150 sq m lot (or larger) in Bauan Grand Villas. I told Melvin I want a house already by the time we’re three years into our marriage. This year is the second year of our marriage so we better start preparing for that dream house. The house will be two storey, with a library-cum-office for myself, den for our family get together, a garden that I will take care of and a garage for at least two vehicles. It will have four bedrooms, two tub&bath, a maid’s quarters and veranda on the second floor. I want my architect friend to design the house for me. I want it fully furnished, contemporary yet still very homey.

– For my fitness goals, I want to wear small size shirts again and weigh 45 kilos again. I will eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Will keep a daily diary on what nutritious food I ate or simple a food diary.

– I will learn how to cook–Filipino cuisine first, then Italian. (Since I’ll be home based!) I should learn to cook a hearty breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner meals for the whole week (so that would equal to about at least 21 types of dish for Filipino cuisine) plus several variations of pasta dishes.

– Kaila and I will uindergo swimming lessons in Bert Lozada swimming school.

– Melvin and I will go on an out of town trip. This should be a yearly celebration–US time, only the two of us, for a week maybe. And I want it to be a family tradition, which we will always look forward to every year.

– Another out of town trip, this time, with Kaila. Hong Kong will be a good destination, though I doubt she will remember it when she grows up. (Childhood amnesia). I want to go to Subic or maybe somewhere south.

– I want to treat my whole family (Dad/Mom/Shara/Joemar) in an out of town trip, maybe in April in time for Joemar’s graduation. We don’t go out of town. It has never been a family affair but I want to intriduce it to our family this year.

– I want to organize a family reunion, I’m thinking to do it on my Mom’s birthday but it may be too soon. My siblings will be the one to cook the meals, but our relatives will also bring their share. Create a program for that. There will be games and prizes too.

– Organize high school reunion on December 2010.

– Read at least 50 books this year and write reviews about each.

– Be a positive person. Create a daily gratitude list. List down that everyday, simple things that make me happy. Faithfully keep a journal.

– Learn to be patient. Learn to keep my temper.

– Talk with Melvin often. Say what I feel.

– Talk with Mom and Dad. Heart to heart conversations. Talk with Joemar and Shara about life. Build a strong family relationship.

– Watch at least 20 movies at the Cinema.

– Wake up and get up from bed before 7 am. Sleep before 12 midnight. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep.

– Drink lots of water. Cut down on soft drinks. And iced coffee.

– Cut down on sugar, sweets, chocolates.

– Aside from swimming, take up a sporty hobby and stick to it!

– Renew my faith. Talk to God. Go to church. Pray the rosary.

I plan to make 2010 and 26th year a very memorable, fruitful, happy, healthy and wealthy year


I’m out of focus lately. Not really lately, for a month already. I think. I thought I already know where I am headed. I was wrong.

I know my goals.

I want Melvin, Kaila and I to be together always. I want to have my own house—a two-storey mansion, with a library full of books. I want to travel the world, with my family, Mom and Dad, Shara and Joemar. I want to be rich and wealthy. I want time freedom. I want a good life. I want to be happy.

I thought I already know how to reach them. Or so I thought.

The past few months, I had been busy with network marketing. This is was my exit strategy to the life I have now. Again, I thought so.

What happened to my willingness to take the risk just to achieve all these? Why am I seeking for the “play now, pay later” life that I was starting to abandon a few months ago with the promise of a “pay now, play later” life?

I was on the right track. What happened?

Looking back, I realized that I was not yet ready for network marketing (if not now, when?). Or I was overly excited with the idea of lots of money that I failed to evaluate my present situation before jumping off the ship. I jumped too early nobody was prepared to catch me.

My up line has been very supportive and encouraging. He was right when he told me that I should not let other people to ruin my dreams. But I also have the right to be affected. I have the right to be depressed. I have the right to take time off, think things over, pick up the pieces… and yes, eventually start over again.

When you come back, it will be a better version of you, he said. A better me. A better me. That sounded really good.

But how does one start over again? How does one pull the pieces back together? How does one stand up after the fall?

Did I already learn my lesson? Was there a lesson to learn in the first place? What did I realize after what happened? Whatever happened anyway?

Well, I lost all down lines. One is trying to get back but situations are preventing her from coming back. One was lost (she can’t figure out what’s happening to her). One asked me to understand her situation, to which I told her I could not understand something that I don’t know but since she was asking for understanding, I will try to understand her (very confusing!).

Ah, I should start updating my contacts list. That was the first thing they told me when I decided to sign-up for the company. And then I should write down my goals (my goals are written down, complete with pictures!). My favorite author Robert Kiyosaki said, dream big dreams, think long-term, underachieve on daily basis, take baby steps. I have big dreams. I still can’t think long-term. All my dreams are up to three years only. I’m taking baby steps. Starting to.

I want to give up already. But I can hear my husband saying not to give up easily. He’s the fuel that drives me to where I should go. He’s my biggest supporter. He’s my strength. He’s my life. And because he told me not to give up easily, I won’t. And as we always say, this is for Kaila. This is for our future.

So what should I do now? /melodie. 12.02.2009