Hello February

January was a loooong month.
We celebrated new year in singapore then returned to the Philippines a day after. Went back to school, three Mondays of no classes only to have a make-up class on a holiday. Celebrated dad’s 60th. Melvin went home for six days for it and for our fourth year wedding anniversary. It’s also our ninth year as a couple. And while he was here, it was midterms week. Also got to see college friends after almost three years. And met another long time friend from high school after almost 10 years. Midterms over. Got high grades in admin and PIL. Sana ganon din for the remaining seven subjects.

Happy love month everyone. Let’s spread love!


Nota bene: i might be pregnant already. Hihi. Let’s see after three weeks. We’re praying for a baby boy this time. 🙂

Happy 2012

Happy 2012 everyone! The best way to spend the start of year is with our family. I am glad to be spending this day with Kaila and Melvin and Mom and Dad. Thank you God for this. Praying for an abundant, happy, and healthy year for us and for all our loved ones.


Expanding my horizons: Towards being financially free

Aside from the business that my high school best friend is conceptualizing, I have another business that I started two years ago before I left the bank. It was introduced to me first by a house mate yet I refused to go with her then because I told her that I had no time to do business. So it was Abbey who convinced me to finally meet with his business partners over coffee and discuss the business opportunity. Guess what, after hearing what I had to hear, after introduction to business associates, and after coffee, I decided to do the business.

The reason why I decided to do it: for my family.


Mi familia

I always wanted to have a complete family. With complete, I mean that we are living in the same roof, we see each other upon waking up and before going to sleep. I grew up with my Dad always abroad. Up to now, he works abroad. He has to because it is the only way to meet the financial requirements of our family. My husband works abroad as well. Though he is well compensated, it is still different if he is with us everyday. And so, I decided to do the business so that we can be together as a family, we can travel anytime of the year, we can spend more time with each other. I did the business because of my dreams: so that my Dad can already retire from his work; that my Mom and Dad can finally spend more time with each other; that we can travel the world; that I can do charity work; that I can be a multi-millionaire; that I can be financially free.

I had to stop doing the business for a while when I moved back to the province. At the same time, I enrolled in law school so I have to concentrate with my studies. But then, I was again reminded of my dreams. Thank God my partners are still willing to help me start again. Thank God that the business is expanding. The team has partners all over the world, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, US. 

What I love with my business is that it is not just an earning business; it is a helping business. We help people realize these dreams. And I am glad to be a part of a team who are very generous when it comes to helping other people.

So, I am starting over again, taking each step at a time. Baby steps, as what Robert Kiyosaki said. I am tapping the international market through my friends who are working overseas. I have also a great team who are supporting me when it comes to my business partners in the Philippines. Thank God for these people, they truly are a blessing. I wish to be a blessing to many people as well. I am praying that God will lead me to the right people. Because these people will help me fulfill my dreams and at the same time, I become God’s instrument in fulfilling theirs as well.

Do you dream of being financially free? What are the steps that you are doing to achieve financial freedom?

It was June and I was busy

School month. Man, I was busy, not only because my classes already started but also because Kaila’s in school. We decided to enroll her at a “creative” learning center instead of our original plan to put her in a daycare with her cousin. She’s keeping me very busy because, three weeks have passed, yet, she’s still not used to the daily routines of going to school-and-mommy leaving her with teacher and her classmates. 😦 She’s always dreading to go to school but after I leave her without her notice, teacher said she participates in class. I tried brainwashing her (school is fun/mommy won’t leave, I’m just downstairs/classmates will play with you/you will draw circles on the board) and tried every means possible to so that she would be excited to go to school but to no avail. She’s not fully adjusted and I cannot understand this phase in her life. What am I going to do? I keep telling myself that she is just testing my patience and that she is still on the adjustment stage and that soon, she will be excited for school. Despite all these, I am happy that she is learning everyday. Lessons for the past weeks included shapes, colors, and letter A, all of which she already knows. They are also being taught to be independent–students are advised to bring extra clothes everyday because they teach the kids how to dress on their own. It is easier to get her to pray before sleeping because they always pray before classes start and before eating. Teacher said Kaila loves to draw circles and that she’s always singing and dancing in class. At sya ang epitome ng batang recess ang paboritong subject, because teacher said she’s always excited during lunch time. She always wants to distribute her classmates’ place mats. She’s not yet used to play with kids her age, probably one reason why she’s not very much excited to go to school. Kids play for 30 minutes before the formal class starts and I noticed that Kaila does not play with her classmates. Either she wants to play with me or with teacher. When her classmates call her, she chose to ignore them or go to me and hide. Anti-social girl! All her classmates know her (they are 10 in class) because she always cries in class and her teachers always make “alo” so that I can escape from the room. Hay, my little girl. I can’t even take a good picture of her in uniform because most of the time, she has sumpong before going to school. Oh and last Tuesday was supposed to be a picture-taking day for their IDs but she had tantrums that she did not want her picture to be taken.

Meanwhile, I’ve been really busy with school as well: four-hour classes every Monday with the dean, and three-hour classes every Wednesday with the dean emiritus. Our professors now are stricter, and the subjects are harder. Oh, and I was named article editor of the law journal. Please God let me survive second year successfully.

On other matters… what other matters? School-home has been my routine ever since. 😉 For July, I hope it will be an easier month. Kaila will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on the 12th and Melvin’s home for a week. Yey. 🙂

Letter to Self

Dear Emotional Self,

Eight days to go before your last chance to take the entrance to law school is over and still you have not made up your mind. This is your dream, right? Or maybe not. This is your Dad’s dream. You want to go to law school because someone, you want to make your Dad proud. After everything that you have gone through–taking up Journalism (which he did not want), working over continuing your studies, getting pregnant, getting married, resigning from your job–at the back of your mind, you still want to fulfill the lifelong dream of your Dad.

If you go to law school, what will happen?

You’re going to miss your child again. I know you hate that feeling. You have always wanted to become a hands-on Mommy to your child, one reason why you chose your family over your budding career.

You have to go through another four years of study, graduate, pass the bar exams, and work again. You do not want to work anymore right? Your favorite author, R. K., has greatly influenced you in your decision not to work again. From Quadrant E, you want to jump to Quadrant B and I. You know that you will never be rich if you stay on your job. You have to start a business and build empires.

What will you do know? You have eight days to decide. Again, you are stuck between two roads; which way would you choose?

Yours truly,

Your Thinking Self


I officially belong to the unemployed statistic. Who would have thought that?

KL, while having coffee a few hours ago, asked me about my plans after BPI. I remember answering “I don’t know yet.” Not very me. And not really a good answer when it’s KL asking you.

But that’s the truth. I think I’m having quarter life crisis. I reached a point in my life when I really don’t know what to do. I just want to rest. Be with Melvin and Kaila. Be a RICH housewife. I was actually telling people that I will play majong that’s why I resigned. The truth is, I don’t want to explain any further. It’s hard for people to understand my situation because not everyone can relate to it. I’m glad my Dad understands. I was really touched when he texted me not to worry, “may trabaho pa naman ang daddy,” he said. I’m a lucky girl. My manager even told me that I am my Dad’s favorite. Yes, I think so. Haha.

But I really don’t know what will happen next. Maybe I’ll just take it one at a time. No need to rush things. Everything will fall into place in it’s proper timing. For now, I’ll sleep then pack my things.

What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Melvin and I celebrated our seventh year as a couple yesterday. I was planning for a wonderful, romantic dinner at a restaurant in the nearby mall and then watch Avatar after. It did not push through. He came late so we just ended up having dinner at Kenny Rogers. I’m planning to cook up something for our second year wedidng anniversary next week.

I’m preparing a surprise birthday dinner for Mom on Saturday. She’s turning 57. I just want to make her feel special that day, thanks to my BDJ planner for the idea. (Side comment: I love that planner because it helps me track my goals. It also has a checklist on the 100 things that you might want to try this year. I’ve done three of them already: Go home early from work; buy one gadget I really covet and write your goals for the year. This weekend, I’m doing something special for my Mom and I might cook a mean pasta dish. That’s five already, 95 more to go. I’m planning to achieve at least 50 of those items. Yipee.)

I’m seriously writing–wedding articles for Wendi and classified ads article for Oliver David. It’s sad that Mustafa has no projects at the moment so that’s two ongoing projects for me. Quite a good start, to think that when I started freelancing, I also had two active projects. Hopefully, Wendz will have more clients so I can write more articles for her. I’m also hoping that Mr. David would like my writing style so that there would be more writing projects for me too. He already paid half of my bid requirement. I have to write three articles for him, due on Friday around 300 – 400 words. I can do it!

I will have another urinalysis tomorrow and then will visit again my doctor to find out whether my UTI’s cured already. I hope I’m already well. I’m a bit bothered that I urinate every 20 minutes. I noticed that just this morning. Also, I’m having back pains. I bought a liniment already for the back pains. I hope that my condition gets better. I hate being sick and drinking medicines. I will get better. I will get well.

Fruitful, Healthy, Wealthy and Happy 2010

After recapping the year that was, here’s a list of what 2010 would befor me–the goals, the wish list, the plans, and everything else in between.

– I want to change career this year. In fact, I already took the first and second steps by resigning last January 11 and applying for online writing jobs. I want to go back to writing, be a full-time wife and mom and still earn P40,000.00 per month.

– I am targeting a seven-figure savings on our joint account. I already started savings last year and will continue to do so no matter what happens. Melvin promises to be diligent with his expenses this year. I still have doubts about this, being the spender that he is, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

– I’ll start the countdown to buy a 150 sq m lot (or larger) in Bauan Grand Villas. I told Melvin I want a house already by the time we’re three years into our marriage. This year is the second year of our marriage so we better start preparing for that dream house. The house will be two storey, with a library-cum-office for myself, den for our family get together, a garden that I will take care of and a garage for at least two vehicles. It will have four bedrooms, two tub&bath, a maid’s quarters and veranda on the second floor. I want my architect friend to design the house for me. I want it fully furnished, contemporary yet still very homey.

– For my fitness goals, I want to wear small size shirts again and weigh 45 kilos again. I will eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Will keep a daily diary on what nutritious food I ate or simple a food diary.

– I will learn how to cook–Filipino cuisine first, then Italian. (Since I’ll be home based!) I should learn to cook a hearty breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner meals for the whole week (so that would equal to about at least 21 types of dish for Filipino cuisine) plus several variations of pasta dishes.

– Kaila and I will uindergo swimming lessons in Bert Lozada swimming school.

– Melvin and I will go on an out of town trip. This should be a yearly celebration–US time, only the two of us, for a week maybe. And I want it to be a family tradition, which we will always look forward to every year.

– Another out of town trip, this time, with Kaila. Hong Kong will be a good destination, though I doubt she will remember it when she grows up. (Childhood amnesia). I want to go to Subic or maybe somewhere south.

– I want to treat my whole family (Dad/Mom/Shara/Joemar) in an out of town trip, maybe in April in time for Joemar’s graduation. We don’t go out of town. It has never been a family affair but I want to intriduce it to our family this year.

– I want to organize a family reunion, I’m thinking to do it on my Mom’s birthday but it may be too soon. My siblings will be the one to cook the meals, but our relatives will also bring their share. Create a program for that. There will be games and prizes too.

– Organize high school reunion on December 2010.

– Read at least 50 books this year and write reviews about each.

– Be a positive person. Create a daily gratitude list. List down that everyday, simple things that make me happy. Faithfully keep a journal.

– Learn to be patient. Learn to keep my temper.

– Talk with Melvin often. Say what I feel.

– Talk with Mom and Dad. Heart to heart conversations. Talk with Joemar and Shara about life. Build a strong family relationship.

– Watch at least 20 movies at the Cinema.

– Wake up and get up from bed before 7 am. Sleep before 12 midnight. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep.

– Drink lots of water. Cut down on soft drinks. And iced coffee.

– Cut down on sugar, sweets, chocolates.

– Aside from swimming, take up a sporty hobby and stick to it!

– Renew my faith. Talk to God. Go to church. Pray the rosary.

I plan to make 2010 and 26th year a very memorable, fruitful, happy, healthy and wealthy year