Encouraging myself to fail forward

Even though Melvin and I are both Pisceans, I find it odd that we have different but complimenting personalities. Just a while ago, I told him about me being discouraged about my business. Surprisingly, he told me not to think about my down lines and just go on. Invite more so I can meet my quota before flying to Singapore on the 24th. Was that my husband talking? Because if he was in my situation, he would feel the same way that I’m feeling. And I would encourage him to go on with the business. Okay, now I get it. He doesn’t want me to give up just yet. (That’s what I would feel in his shoes.) God knows how discouraged I am. But I need to go on, with or without my down lines. This is for my dreams, for my mom and dad, for melvin and kaila. Hey, Melodie, are you listening?