Up to know, I still don’t see myself as a lawyer in the future. It is a bad thing, right? I always believe that if you want something, you have to see it happening. You have to focus your mind that it will happen. Dream. Ask. Believe. Receive. I learned that from The Secret. I know I want to be a lawyer. And I need to see it happening.

As I was browsing through FB, I came across the photos of my friends signing their roll and it came to me: yes, I want it so bad to be a lawyer to fulfill the dream of my Dad and to give a better life to my family and to travel the world with my loved ones. Seeing their pictures signing their rolls with their family, seeing the tears of joy of their parents, seeing the smiles on their faces–these images motivate me to go on and study harder. Yes, I will become a lawyer soon. I know it will happen. Please be with me God always. Please help me to fulfill this dream.

And so, to help me see this happening, I grabbed some of their photos, which I will also post in my dream board.

This is my motivation. What's yours?


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Expanding my horizons: Towards being financially free

Aside from the business that my high school best friend is conceptualizing, I have another business that I started two years ago before I left the bank. It was introduced to me first by a house mate yet I refused to go with her then because I told her that I had no time to do business. So it was Abbey who convinced me to finally meet with his business partners over coffee and discuss the business opportunity. Guess what, after hearing what I had to hear, after introduction to business associates, and after coffee, I decided to do the business.

The reason why I decided to do it: for my family.


Mi familia

I always wanted to have a complete family. With complete, I mean that we are living in the same roof, we see each other upon waking up and before going to sleep. I grew up with my Dad always abroad. Up to now, he works abroad. He has to because it is the only way to meet the financial requirements of our family. My husband works abroad as well. Though he is well compensated, it is still different if he is with us everyday. And so, I decided to do the business so that we can be together as a family, we can travel anytime of the year, we can spend more time with each other. I did the business because of my dreams: so that my Dad can already retire from his work; that my Mom and Dad can finally spend more time with each other; that we can travel the world; that I can do charity work; that I can be a multi-millionaire; that I can be financially free.

I had to stop doing the business for a while when I moved back to the province. At the same time, I enrolled in law school so I have to concentrate with my studies. But then, I was again reminded of my dreams. Thank God my partners are still willing to help me start again. Thank God that the business is expanding. The team has partners all over the world, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, US. 

What I love with my business is that it is not just an earning business; it is a helping business. We help people realize these dreams. And I am glad to be a part of a team who are very generous when it comes to helping other people.

So, I am starting over again, taking each step at a time. Baby steps, as what Robert Kiyosaki said. I am tapping the international market through my friends who are working overseas. I have also a great team who are supporting me when it comes to my business partners in the Philippines. Thank God for these people, they truly are a blessing. I wish to be a blessing to many people as well. I am praying that God will lead me to the right people. Because these people will help me fulfill my dreams and at the same time, I become God’s instrument in fulfilling theirs as well.

Do you dream of being financially free? What are the steps that you are doing to achieve financial freedom?

Wanna bet?

I used to be 45 kilos. I was around 50+ kilos when I got pregnant and then lost a little weight after giving birth to Kaila. After, I used contraceptive pills because Melvin had no work for about a year and we did not want to have a second child yet. I used the more expensive pills as prescribed by my OB. Accordingly, these pills will not contribute to weight gain. A few months after, I noticed that I started gaining weight, maybe because of the pills + law school stress. Because of puyat and lack of exercise, my metabolism suffered. As a result, I am now 58 kilos, which means that I am over weight, and which further means that I have to change wardrobe soon if I do not mind my eating habits and if I refuse to do some physical activities.

I used to be a small size. Now, most of my blouses are either medium or large and most of my pants do not fit me anymore. I am having a hard time choosing which clothes to wear. Most of the time, after I’ve decided what to wear, I have a hard time wearing them or become very uncomfortable with them. Being fat is so frustrating for me because I cannot wear anymore the clothes that I used to wear and those that I want to wear. The first because I do not have many clothes in my closet and I am not fond of shopping for clothes. The latter because there are many clothes that I want to wear but I do not have the confidence to do so because my tummy is bulging and my love handles are showing. Frustrating isn’t it?

So, I’ve decided to lose weight and get back into shape. I decided to eat healthy and be physically active. At the end of the year, I declare, that I will be 48 kilos and back to small size, with at most 27-inch waistline. Wanna bet? 🙂 Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

Dreaming and Fulfilling Those Dreams

I am a person with plenty of dreams. Who doesn’t have any dream at all? A few days ago, my Dad jokingly (jokes are half-meant!) said that not one of those dreams have come true. Wasn’t he mean? Of course, I beg to disagree. 

1. I dreamt of a beautiful family and I was given a wonderful, loving,  understanding and generous husband and a sweet, intelligent and equally wonderful daughter.
2. I dreamt of studying in law school (and passing the bar and being a lawyer) and here I am, six years after graduating from college, on my 2nd year in law school.
3. I wanted to have a business and a few weeks after, my high school friend sent me an SMS and told me that we should start a business venture. (We’re still in the process of looking for a profitable and rewarding business venture. On Sunday, we’ll be meeting up with a possible business partner.)
4. I prayed for continuous blessings for me and my family and God has never failed me. Melvin’s personal employment pass (as opposed to employment pass) got approved. His project is on-going and will hopefully last until next year. My parents are healthy as ever. My brother and my sister are doing great in their respective careers. I am doing great in school. I can buy what I want (although not all of them, yet.) without worrying how I will be able to pay it. 

Yes, I still have plenty of unfulfilled dreams: house of my own, car, travel opportunities, seven-figure savings, LVs and many other material things. I always say I am never contented and always wanting for more. However, I can gladly and proudly say that life is better these days and I am very thankful for the blessings as well as the challenges. There are still plenty of unfulfilled dreams but I always say that God is preparing us so that when these blessings arrive, we are more ready to receive and embrace them.

One of the greatest influences in my life is Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret. She was introduced to me by friends from my network marketing biz a few years back. According to Rhimes, if you want something, you have to ask for it. You have to believe that it will be given to you. And most importantly, you have to receive it, even if physically, it is not yet yours. You have to really receive it, imagine that it is already yours. Simply put, you have to attract the things that you want and the Universe will give it to you. 

Someday, I’ll Travel the World

Before college, the farthest place that I’ve been to was, o well, Tagaytay. It was fourth year high school and we decided to go somewhere far for some bonding time with my classmates. We stayed in the rest house of my classmate’s uncle (currently the country’s VP), dropped by the market, and then spent the whole day inside the house. (Oh, that was the same house used in one of the most popular movies of Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto, I think that was their last movie together).

The point is, I haven’t been somewhere far before that. Maybe because my Dad has always been away and that we had no vehicle then except a tricycle and that my Mom is not the adventurous/outgoing type of person. We were confined mostly inside the house. I did go out with friends but we only went as far as Caedo (a mini-mall and the only mall in our place way back 1997), which is like 30 minutes away from our place.

Up to know, almost 10 years after, I have not visited many places. I spent almost nine years in the Greater Manila Area but I was not able to go to Divisoria, where almost all people go to during the holiday season to find the cheapest gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. I was in Quezon City for four years but I only knew the routes going to SM North, to Delta (where a college friend used to live), to City Hall, to GMA-7 and ABS-CBN. I have only been to Araneta Coliseum twice (to watch cheerdance competition during my first year; and on a date with my then-bf-now-husband Melvin). I lived in Makati for two years  but most of my time were spent inside the beautiful malls of Makati. When I transferred to Manila, I spend most of my time inside the bank, in the condo, in Robinson’s Ermita, in Makati with my million-dollar business venture then.

It must be a boring life, you may be thinking. I guess it is. I do not go out. I prefer to be alone instead of socializing with friends. I prefer to watch TV, read a book, or sleep instead of partying. Sometimes, I regret those moments when I should be with friends, deepen my relationship with them, or simply spend time with them. But most of what I regret is that I didn’t take time to go out and visit wonderful places.

Every time I see photos of my friends going to different places in and out of the country, how I wish I can do that too. I want to spend my time with Melvin and Kaila away from the city like these two. I want to be alone for at least a month or two and experience the world.

What is preventing me from doing this? Well, budget is number one. If you are an avid reader or if you are my stalker, you know that life is not as easy as it used to be. If budget is not an issue, it is because I do not have constant companion to travel. Well, my family does not travel a lot. My husband is not the type who wants to step out of his comfort zone. My friends, o well, we are all busy with our own lives that our schedule will not fit in.

How about traveling by myself? I’m planning for it. Maybe a 12-day European tour in two or three years. Or maybe I’ll seek a study grant in the US after I finish law school and pass the bar. Or I’ll wait for Kaila to grow up and we’ll travel together anywhere in the world. Then we’ll bring Melvin with us, by then he won’t have an excuse. 😉

For now, well, I’m always traveling, that is from my house to school and back.

Welcome Law School

I’m not yet enrolled but I passed the qualifying exam and interview. I will be enrolling on June 4 since I have to wait for the other possible scholars Yey, 50% off because I graduated cum laude in college.

I was actually unprepared when I took the exam, thinking that the exam would cover logic and the usual entrance exams. I was surprised when I read the essay questions (implication of this and that, my stand on this and that, and all those stuff). The questions reminded me of my journalism subject with Prof. Teodoro. haha.

I would have wanted to study in UP or San Beda or Ateneo but I did not take their entrance exams. I wanted Kaila to be with me but it was simply not possible. I checked UB’s passing rate in bar exams and ok naman, almost 100% passing rate since 1997.

So it’s really back to school for me after five years. I am pretty excited. Law on Mass Media was my favorite subject in college and Atty. Avecilla (sorry guys) was one of my favorite professors (because I was one of his favorite students and gave me 1.25 in the said subject). My sister’s back to school also for her Master’s Degree in Psychology while our youngest is now included in the employed statistics.

I am looking forward to law school and so many readings and recitations.

End of quarter life crisis

The one-week hiatus means I have been very busy with all aspects of my life.

Apparently, my quarter life crisis is not yet over. Two Saturdays ago, I found out the SM Batangas is hiring for the Brand Officer position (marketing). Since I am still confused about what I am going to do with my life, I applied for the position. They called me up for interview (I was not surprised) last Thursday, May 20. I had two interviews that day and was supposed to go to another interview the following day, supposedly with the Brand Manager.

Guess what. I withdrew my application. My condition to work again is that they should pay me at least what BPI was paying me before I left the company. I had a hint that they would not give that. (“Ang laki naman ng hinihingi mo” was the comment of the HR Supervisor, though she said the HR Manager would discuss the salary details with me.) Next, the HR Supervisor explained to me that the job would entail me to work on weekends and on holidays. “Kaya mo bang magtrabaho pag holiday?” was what she asked me, to which I answered “Kakayanin ko po. It’s a big adjustment pero I believe kakayanin ko ‘yon.”

Apparently, I could not and would not work on holidays. So I withdrew my application.

Tomorrow, I will be applying in Law School at a university here in Batangas. I would have wanted to study in UP or San Beda, but I am not willing to give up the time that I am spending with Kaila. As Abbey always says, “why give up one, when you can have them both?”

Good luck to me. Hopefully, this ends my quarter life crisis.

Letter to Self

Dear Emotional Self,

Eight days to go before your last chance to take the entrance to law school is over and still you have not made up your mind. This is your dream, right? Or maybe not. This is your Dad’s dream. You want to go to law school because someone, you want to make your Dad proud. After everything that you have gone through–taking up Journalism (which he did not want), working over continuing your studies, getting pregnant, getting married, resigning from your job–at the back of your mind, you still want to fulfill the lifelong dream of your Dad.

If you go to law school, what will happen?

You’re going to miss your child again. I know you hate that feeling. You have always wanted to become a hands-on Mommy to your child, one reason why you chose your family over your budding career.

You have to go through another four years of study, graduate, pass the bar exams, and work again. You do not want to work anymore right? Your favorite author, R. K., has greatly influenced you in your decision not to work again. From Quadrant E, you want to jump to Quadrant B and I. You know that you will never be rich if you stay on your job. You have to start a business and build empires.

What will you do know? You have eight days to decide. Again, you are stuck between two roads; which way would you choose?

Yours truly,

Your Thinking Self