On Anniversary

Our second year anniversary celebration was simply amazing. That was our first celebration together because he was in Singapore last year so we didn’t get to celebrate last year.

It was just a simple date but it was something that I imagined it to be. We went together to Rob’s Place, window shopped (I kept pulling him out of every store that he went to knowing that he’d surely buy something expensive for himself if found something that he liked.), ate at Almon Marina, then had a whole body massage at Annie’s. The massage was great. It was an hour of therapeutic rub yet I was really relaxed and rejuvenated.

Why was it amazing? For one, we don’t go out on dates like that. When we go out, we only eat at an ordinary restaurant then that’s it. Second, the massage is something we haven’t done before. Third, we simply enjoyed it.

Yey! More anniversaries to come! Thank you Lord for simple things like these. They mean a lot to me.