School week starts!

The first week of school is almost done! Was called to recite on Monday (Insurance with Sir Nani) and Tuesday (Tax 2 with Atty. Amiel). Law school recitations are not something that students look forward to (and not something that you get used to) but I’m glad that they really force us to study and study and study.

It’s been a busy week that I barely play with the little girl. During the afternoons after her class, Melvin and I visit the “manghihilot” for his foot. Then we hurry to school. The routine has been so tiring but I’m glad Melvin’s here. May driver tuloy ako. Glad also that his foot is responding well, thank God.

Preggy notes: Had to visit again my OB yesterday because of severe pain in my abdomen. Doctor said there’s irritation somewhere in the rectal area. She gave me vaginal relaxant since I often experience hardness on my belly. Baby boy is doing great, thank God. Hope my pregnancy becomes easier as the due date nears.

Looking for a name for our little boy. I’ve always liked the name Marco, so we’re just searching for a second name to pair with it. I had been thinking to make it Marco Antonio, Antonio being the name of Melvin’s tatay. Cute name right, Marco Antonio Marquez (combination of boxers’ names, haha, that of Barrera’s and Juan Manuel, both beaten by Pacquiao).

Hey ho! Time to update my followers.

New look should mean new post, right? Well, nothing much lately, except that I’m keeping myself busy with a lot of things.

1. Completing my photo book project for the Singapore 2011 Summer Trip with Mom and Kaila


See the screen shot? (I had to Google how to take a screen shot using Mac, hahaha.) I already finished the 2009 trip but I used the iPhoto and for that, I could not get it printed since it’s not available in the Philippines. And when I am in Singapore, I always forget to do it. So the 2009 album is just stuck in my Mac. I plan to have this printed once I finish it (crosses fingers).

2. Enrolled Kaila

After we got back from SG, I came to know that school starts on June 6. The “pas away” mommy that I am had not enrolled Kaila by then. Nauna ko pa gang ibili ng school shoes bago ko sya i-enroll, haha. (I bought her school shoes first instead of enrolling her.) Yay, she’s enrolled and I now have a Kindergarten student. How time flies! In fact I am already thinking whether to enroll her in an international school when she reaches Grade 1. (A child costs 90,000 pesos!!!)

3. Attended UB’s 1st Annual IHL Moot Court Seminar

(photos not mine)

… and learned a LOT from it. I am a part of the moot court team, would you believe that? I never really considered myself a good public speaker and now, I am a mooter. How in the world did that happen? Well, I was forced (hahaha) to join. And from the seminar, I learned why. (Secret, hahaha.) I am simply thankful for being a part of it. 🙂

What I learned? Everything is HARD WORK. There is no such thing as overnight success. Practice makes perfect. Preparation and prayer + a little bit of luck. Sorry for deleting the details, I am too lazy to type all of them, hahaha.

4. Reading Succession

The four-unit subject for this semester. The key subject to regain my scholarship. Ang subject that will either make or break me, haha. First year, first sem, it was Persons and Family Relations. I got a low grade kaya di ako umabot sa cut-off. Second sem, it was Obligations and Contracts. I did get in because I got an 88 here. Second year, first sem, ugh, PROPERTY!!! Second sem, CIVIL PROCEDURE. And the professor is the dean. Well, after I received my CivPro grade, I told him, “Sir, di lang siguro talaga tayo same wave length.” O well, this sem, it’s succession. And I promise, gagalingan ko dito. The subject is also interesting, manahan. As if maraming kayamanan, hahaha.

5. IELTS Review

Not me. Melvin. He’s taking the test for his Australian visa by the end of the month and he assigned me to review him. Not really a task but he’s making it hard for me. Daming gusto, hahaha. I can do this. 🙂

So there, I’m currently busy. Always busy, hahaha.


Up to know, I still don’t see myself as a lawyer in the future. It is a bad thing, right? I always believe that if you want something, you have to see it happening. You have to focus your mind that it will happen. Dream. Ask. Believe. Receive. I learned that from The Secret. I know I want to be a lawyer. And I need to see it happening.

As I was browsing through FB, I came across the photos of my friends signing their roll and it came to me: yes, I want it so bad to be a lawyer to fulfill the dream of my Dad and to give a better life to my family and to travel the world with my loved ones. Seeing their pictures signing their rolls with their family, seeing the tears of joy of their parents, seeing the smiles on their faces–these images motivate me to go on and study harder. Yes, I will become a lawyer soon. I know it will happen. Please be with me God always. Please help me to fulfill this dream.

And so, to help me see this happening, I grabbed some of their photos, which I will also post in my dream board.

This is my motivation. What's yours?

Second Year Second Sem

Another sem will start tomorrow. I am only hoping that this sem turns out to be an awesome one. Subjects for this sem: administrative law, civil procedure, transportation, agency, legal accounting (waaah!), taxation (more waaah!), public international law, and intellectual property law. whew.

Last sem was not so awesome, except for my nego and crim pro grades. i missed the dean’s list by point something points (boo!). there are reasons for this, one because i sort of relaxed last semester. and a few others that i refuse to mention. anyhow, for this semester, i commit not to spend to much time facebook-ing and tweeting and reading blogs. (too much time means only visit these sites once a day and spend only 45 minutes or less online.) Moreover, i commit to spend more time with my studies, concentrate on the more important subjects, and strictly follow my schedule.


one down, seven more to go

what i'm up to tonight

what i’m up to tonight

Nego was hard. O well, what do I expect. But I was able to answer the q’s, hope I answered them correctly. The goal was to perfect nego; an impossible dream indeed. Well, all things are possible if you just believe. 🙂 well, the picture above shows what I’ll be reading for the rest of the night until the wee hours of the morning. I think I have to eat rice for the meantime. Oh no, my diet. 😦 but I cannot survive this week and next week if I don’t eat rice. I need energy. I need carbs. Wish me luck on crim pro, the hardest subject by far. I can conquer crim pro right? Just as I unexpectedly conquered nego last mid terms. 🙂

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Reviewing for Finals

Finals start on Wednesday, so hello to two-hour sleep at night, more than three cups of coffee per day, dandruff, and other stress-related stuff. These are the days when you hear my classmates (and me too) say, “I should have studied this earlier,” or that “Promise, I will not cram next sem.”

I’m currently reviewing my favorite subject, Negotiable Instruments Law, (see the picture of the book–it’s the thinnest book we had this sem, only 242 pages, yet this is actually the subject where I’ve alloted a lot of time reviewing). I have reviewed Crim Pro yesterday, which is by far the hardest to review because Herrera’s book is more than 1000 pages, if I’m not mistaken.

So much for this. To cap it all, it’s finals week and I should be studying. Please pray for me friends. 🙂

After finals, a trip to Laguna and two-week vacay in Singapore. 🙂

most read book this sem

most read book this sem

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Updates updates

I am busy every month. But I have time for FB and Twitter and for late-night coffee at SB. I should learn to manage my time more effectively so that I can accomplish the more important things that I should be doing, instead of spending hours looking into the profile of my FB friends. These “more important things” of course includes updating this blog and filling up my journal.

Anyway, here’s a recap of my August.

Week 1 is assessment week for Kaila. I was so stressed because I had to review her class lessons, especially in her Reading subject, and she wouldn’t listen to me. The results of her assessment are yet to be released because her teacher is on maternity leave. I hope she did well in her exams. Here’s a photo of her while reviewing for Math.

reviewing for Math

Week 2 was my midterms week. That was the most stressful week of my life as of this time. I was pressured to do well in my exams because I was DL last semester so I had to prove to my professors (especially to the father and the son) that I deserve to be in the dean’s list. Eight exams and hundreds of pages of coverage. I haven’t studied like that in my whole life as a student. At dahil sobrang stressed, after five exams, napatambay kami sa SB despite the fact that we have Sales exam the next day.

SB night. From L-R: Mayora (asawa ng mayor), me, marben, ate sophie, tina, paolo, ate meanne, marvin, and bem (always the top 1). roma took the photo.

Week 3: Melvin came home for three days because his aunt died. He arrived Saturday, I had a forensic med exam, and we fetched him at the airport. Wala akong tulog! I told him that I would not be able to fetch him, masama pala loob nya dahil don, pero di ko sya matiis. I took the exam with only 1/5 hours of sleep. Relied on my CS (sabi ng prof namin, CS lang ang kelangan para pumasa sa forensic med. Sana may CS ako.)

Week 4: Long weekend. While everybody was  going somewhere else to spend the long weekend, I spent mine at the hospital for my breast mass excision. It was my fourth time to have an operation like that (I was 13 the first time I underwent a fibroadenoma excision), so sabi nga ng anaesthesiologist, alam na alam ko na. Yet, I was more nervous than the previous operations. Ganon ata talaga pag tumatanda na. At pag marami nang taong umaasa sa ‘yo. I was afraid not for myself but for my loved ones, which made me realize why some people chose to be single all their lives. Thank God for the successful operation. Praying to God that this will be the last excision of fibroadenoma.

Welcome September. Last year, I posted in my FB profile, “Wake me up when September ends.” Last year, I had my first bar ops experience. Luckily this time, bar exams were moved on November so less pressure for law students like me. September started with a good news, as Melvin’s Personal Employment Pass was approved, which means it will be easier for him to go to Singapore for every project. Sadly however, my CrimPro exam was very disappointing. I promise to take the subject seriously so I can make bawi.

I am excited over so many things, including the sem break (and hopefully get to spend the two-week vacation in SG), Christmas season, and getting something for our family. I will not be sharing it until it happens. but friends, please help me pray for it so it will come true.

Hello September. Hello Christmas season. Hello to more exciting things over the next few months! Cheers everyone!




July was busier, but less stressful

Found myself being challenged to do better than myself. Wrote about being able to live up to the expectations of others. Often caught myself looking at the FB profiles of other people, wishing that I also live the life that they are living (travelling, at the peak of their careers, owning cars and condo units, etc). A friend told me, I am blessed for I have a beautiful family. I always remind myself of what she said whenever I feel a little jealous of the lives of other people. I am blessed and I make sure to thank God everyday for his blessings. Remembered Mites on her birthday. I told her that I know she is happy wherever she is. Celebrated Kaila’s third birthday. Melvin came home for one week vacation. Kaila enjoyed her day, although she had tantrums and would not allow me to leave her classroom to buy food for her classmates. Buti na lang, Melvin was around, nagpaka-Daddy naman at s’ya ang nag-asikaso ng lahat for Kaila’s party. (Remembering this makes me miss Melvin. Hay.) After five weeks, my little girl has adjusted in school! Participated in a debate. Only the second time to participate in such activity. I surprisingly enjoyed it, although my team did not win. Kaila has a yaya. And she loves having a yaya.


Thank you Lord for your blessings. Thank you for keeping me healthy and safe at all times.