My future Olympian

Michael Phelps has just retired from his swimming career, with 22 Olympic medals, 18 of which are gold. And Serena Williams, who thought would not be able to play again because of her injuries, completed her Golden Slamby winning against another tennis champ Maria Sharapova. Such is the admiration that I have for these players, along with other Olympic participants. These athletes are the epitome of greatness in their respective fields. For it takes more than just skills to participate in the Olympics. It also requires a great amount of discipline, handwork, and big dreams.

When I gave birth to Kaila, I told myself that I wanted her to be an athlete, a swimmer or a tennis player perhaps. Although I also dream for her to become a doctor or a lawyer. Parents always have big dreams for their kids. My Dad always wanted me to become a lawyer and I really wish to grant what he wants. Such is the joy that parents feel when their dreams come true. (I remember last week, when we had a moot court exhibition in preparation for the IHL competition this September. One of the parents of the mooters attended the exhibition to watch her daughter argue. I could imagine how proud he was to witness her daughter stood up before the mock up court room and delivered her speech. I was actually a little envious, for I haven’t seen my parents that proud since I graduated from college. It has been a long time.)

The point is, parents are always proud of their kids, no matter how small their achievement is. I have always been so proud of Kaila’s achievements. In fact, when she graduated from nursery, I was on the verge of tears while watching her sing their graduation song with the rest of the graduates. Such an emotional mom, but these milestones are big things to parents.

So, back to my dream. I know Kaila will be great someday. With her Dad and I guiding her, and with God’s blessings, I know she will make a name for herself. She may not be an athlete or may not be the one I want her to be, but I know, in her own little way, she will make us proud. As to my dream, I still wish her to be an Olympian, not just an Olympian, but an Olympic gold medalist. 🙂

Here’s my princess who will be greater than Michael Phelps in the future:

Still afraid of the water.

Her few moments in the water at an early age.

Showing how courageous she is while in the water.


See, she’s trying to swim.


Kaila notes

Yesterday, after Kaila’s party at school, she asked me if we can open the gifts that she received from her friends and classmates. I agreed for I was also excited to know what she got for her birthday. Before we opened the gifts, I asked her to tell me who gave each of the gifts. Surprisingly, she remembered 13 of 16 of them. I thought she was not paying attention during gift-giving time (seen her pics in facebook?) for she was really shy and she would just put her fingers in her mouth as her defense mechanism. I was really surprised. I have always been amazed about her memory but she really surprised me yesterday. Sana photographic memory hehe.
Kaila is also very observant. She notices it when I’m wearing a dress (for I don’t really wear girly stuff), when the color of my braces’ band has been changed, when I’m wearing new shoes (you have new shoes mommy?) or when her Daddy wears another shirt color (wow Daddy, you’re wearing a purple shirt!). Her attention to details amazes me.

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School week starts!

The first week of school is almost done! Was called to recite on Monday (Insurance with Sir Nani) and Tuesday (Tax 2 with Atty. Amiel). Law school recitations are not something that students look forward to (and not something that you get used to) but I’m glad that they really force us to study and study and study.

It’s been a busy week that I barely play with the little girl. During the afternoons after her class, Melvin and I visit the “manghihilot” for his foot. Then we hurry to school. The routine has been so tiring but I’m glad Melvin’s here. May driver tuloy ako. Glad also that his foot is responding well, thank God.

Preggy notes: Had to visit again my OB yesterday because of severe pain in my abdomen. Doctor said there’s irritation somewhere in the rectal area. She gave me vaginal relaxant since I often experience hardness on my belly. Baby boy is doing great, thank God. Hope my pregnancy becomes easier as the due date nears.

Looking for a name for our little boy. I’ve always liked the name Marco, so we’re just searching for a second name to pair with it. I had been thinking to make it Marco Antonio, Antonio being the name of Melvin’s tatay. Cute name right, Marco Antonio Marquez (combination of boxers’ names, haha, that of Barrera’s and Juan Manuel, both beaten by Pacquiao).

It’s a boy!

There, I said it already. I, together with Melvin and Kaila, visited my OB today for my monthly check up. And there, the doctor confirmed that Kaila’s going to have a baby brother. Yey. I was really happy about it because we’ve been wishing for a healthy baby boy. And God is good, our wish was granted. Thank you God.

Preggy notes: I’ve been feeling baby’s kicks since last month. The doctor said we’re both fine and everything is as expected. I had a UTI last month too. It was very painful that I asked to be brought to my OB. She prescribed antibiotics and vaginal relaxant for my UTI. This month, I experienced itchiness, which the doctor said is caused by fungi. I’ve read that this is common to pregnant women although I did not experience it the last time I was pregnant with Kaila. The doctor prescribed an anti-fungal vaginal tablet to treat my condition.

Hey ho! Time to update my followers.

New look should mean new post, right? Well, nothing much lately, except that I’m keeping myself busy with a lot of things.

1. Completing my photo book project for the Singapore 2011 Summer Trip with Mom and Kaila


See the screen shot? (I had to Google how to take a screen shot using Mac, hahaha.) I already finished the 2009 trip but I used the iPhoto and for that, I could not get it printed since it’s not available in the Philippines. And when I am in Singapore, I always forget to do it. So the 2009 album is just stuck in my Mac. I plan to have this printed once I finish it (crosses fingers).

2. Enrolled Kaila

After we got back from SG, I came to know that school starts on June 6. The “pas away” mommy that I am had not enrolled Kaila by then. Nauna ko pa gang ibili ng school shoes bago ko sya i-enroll, haha. (I bought her school shoes first instead of enrolling her.) Yay, she’s enrolled and I now have a Kindergarten student. How time flies! In fact I am already thinking whether to enroll her in an international school when she reaches Grade 1. (A child costs 90,000 pesos!!!)

3. Attended UB’s 1st Annual IHL Moot Court Seminar

(photos not mine)

… and learned a LOT from it. I am a part of the moot court team, would you believe that? I never really considered myself a good public speaker and now, I am a mooter. How in the world did that happen? Well, I was forced (hahaha) to join. And from the seminar, I learned why. (Secret, hahaha.) I am simply thankful for being a part of it. 🙂

What I learned? Everything is HARD WORK. There is no such thing as overnight success. Practice makes perfect. Preparation and prayer + a little bit of luck. Sorry for deleting the details, I am too lazy to type all of them, hahaha.

4. Reading Succession

The four-unit subject for this semester. The key subject to regain my scholarship. Ang subject that will either make or break me, haha. First year, first sem, it was Persons and Family Relations. I got a low grade kaya di ako umabot sa cut-off. Second sem, it was Obligations and Contracts. I did get in because I got an 88 here. Second year, first sem, ugh, PROPERTY!!! Second sem, CIVIL PROCEDURE. And the professor is the dean. Well, after I received my CivPro grade, I told him, “Sir, di lang siguro talaga tayo same wave length.” O well, this sem, it’s succession. And I promise, gagalingan ko dito. The subject is also interesting, manahan. As if maraming kayamanan, hahaha.

5. IELTS Review

Not me. Melvin. He’s taking the test for his Australian visa by the end of the month and he assigned me to review him. Not really a task but he’s making it hard for me. Daming gusto, hahaha. I can do this. 🙂

So there, I’m currently busy. Always busy, hahaha.

Thank God the surgery went well

Woke up early today for Melvin’s achilles tendon surgery. He was scheduled for a 6 am surgery so we had to wake up early to prep him before the operation. At 5:35 am, we went down to the OR, where we met his anaesthesiologist, who explained that he would be “mildly” asleep during the procedure, that he would not feel anything on his lower body for around 6 hours after the surgery, and that he should not move around after. Melvin and I talked for awhile, I calming him so that he won’t get nervous. It was his first (hopefully the last) operation so I had to comfort him, though he said he was not nervous at all. When his ortho-surgeon came, he tapped Melvin on his right leg and then I went to the waiting area while they brought him to OR 1. I waited for around 10 minutes before I went back to our room to grab some sleep and wait. It’s harder to wait in that area near the OR so I chose to go upstairs. Anyway the operation would take about an hour or so, said the doctor. The doctor also said I better get upstairs to rest, the operation won’t start until an hour, and that they would just call me if I’d be needed.

Upstairs, I immediately turned on the TV so I won’t worry much, said a prayer, took my breakfast, watched Etc and then fall asleep. Woke up in time for AI replay, and waited. 9:45 am, the nurse called me, I was met by the ortho-surgeon, he showed me the pics of Melvin’s torn tendon, which he described as punit na punit . Then I saw Melvin in the recovery room, the doctor even had him waive to me.

So I am back now in our room, just waiting for Melvin tp be brought up here. Thank you God the surgery was successful. Thank you God that Melvin is safe.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Here at the hospital with Melvin. He is to undergo operation to repair his Achilles tendon, which ruptured yesterday while playing basketball. The tendon is the strongest tendon in the body and is located at the back part of the lower legs to the calf. Injuries of this kind are common to those who are active in sports.

Melvin just went home for a four-day vacation and this happened. I don’t know what to think. I know everything happens for a reason and I’ve been wondering since last night the reason for this. Maybe it’s better this way for this might have happened in SG and it would cost a lot more expensive. Maybe it’s a way of reminding us to take care of our body since we’re not getting any younger. Maybe it just happens. I don’t know. Melvin said he’s saf. He’s about to go offshore next month and God knows we’ve been waiting for this for a long long time. It will give us enough to build our house. It will allow us to fully pay Georgia.

O God. I am not in the right place to question what’s happening. All I know is that everything happens for a reason. And I do believe that there are better plans if ever. And so I lift everything to You. Whatever the doctor aays, whatever happens, I trust you Lord my God. Just take care of Melvin please.

Extra Special Vday

Valentines Day was extra special. Because I confirmed that I was pregnant.


And I received this surprise from hubby.


If you’ve been a constant follower, you know already that I don’t really expect something special during special occasions because Melvin and I are not the thoughtful/swet type of couple. I have been wishing for the longest time for him to surprise me. Well, wishes do come true hihi. First, last Christmas when he gave me Siri. And yesterday, when he sent the flowers while we were having a class.

Hihi. I feel so special. 🙂

We are so happy about the second baby. God willing, sana healthy baby boy. Kaila is not yet prepared to have a sibling though. She is still in the denial stage. “walang baby sa tummy si mommy,” and “i am kaila, hindi ate kaila” were her reactions. Time to make some adjustments. Time to prepare her for the arrival of the little one.