My future Olympian

Michael Phelps has just retired from his swimming career, with 22 Olympic medals, 18 of which are gold. And Serena Williams, who thought would not be able to play again because of her injuries, completed her Golden Slamby winning against another tennis champ Maria Sharapova. Such is the admiration that I have for these players, along with other Olympic participants. These athletes are the epitome of greatness in their respective fields. For it takes more than just skills to participate in the Olympics. It also requires a great amount of discipline, handwork, and big dreams.

When I gave birth to Kaila, I told myself that I wanted her to be an athlete, a swimmer or a tennis player perhaps. Although I also dream for her to become a doctor or a lawyer. Parents always have big dreams for their kids. My Dad always wanted me to become a lawyer and I really wish to grant what he wants. Such is the joy that parents feel when their dreams come true. (I remember last week, when we had a moot court exhibition in preparation for the IHL competition this September. One of the parents of the mooters attended the exhibition to watch her daughter argue. I could imagine how proud he was to witness her daughter stood up before the mock up court room and delivered her speech. I was actually a little envious, for I haven’t seen my parents that proud since I graduated from college. It has been a long time.)

The point is, parents are always proud of their kids, no matter how small their achievement is. I have always been so proud of Kaila’s achievements. In fact, when she graduated from nursery, I was on the verge of tears while watching her sing their graduation song with the rest of the graduates. Such an emotional mom, but these milestones are big things to parents.

So, back to my dream. I know Kaila will be great someday. With her Dad and I guiding her, and with God’s blessings, I know she will make a name for herself. She may not be an athlete or may not be the one I want her to be, but I know, in her own little way, she will make us proud. As to my dream, I still wish her to be an Olympian, not just an Olympian, but an Olympic gold medalist. 🙂

Here’s my princess who will be greater than Michael Phelps in the future:

Still afraid of the water.

Her few moments in the water at an early age.

Showing how courageous she is while in the water.


See, she’s trying to swim.

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