Kaila notes

Yesterday, after Kaila’s party at school, she asked me if we can open the gifts that she received from her friends and classmates. I agreed for I was also excited to know what she got for her birthday. Before we opened the gifts, I asked her to tell me who gave each of the gifts. Surprisingly, she remembered 13 of 16 of them. I thought she was not paying attention during gift-giving time (seen her pics in facebook?) for she was really shy and she would just put her fingers in her mouth as her defense mechanism. I was really surprised. I have always been amazed about her memory but she really surprised me yesterday. Sana photographic memory hehe.
Kaila is also very observant. She notices it when I’m wearing a dress (for I don’t really wear girly stuff), when the color of my braces’ band has been changed, when I’m wearing new shoes (you have new shoes mommy?) or when her Daddy wears another shirt color (wow Daddy, you’re wearing a purple shirt!). Her attention to details amazes me.

By wishful thinker Posted in family

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