Fever fever go away


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I get worried every time Kaila gets sick. Every parent does. Yesterday, before I went to school, her Dad and I found out that she had a fever… for no reason at all, meaning no colds and minor cough only. It’s one of the hardest things about being a parent. Your child getting sick and you don’t know what to do. I often wish that we have a doctor in the family so every time this happens, I won’t have to worry a lot. (I am a worrier, you know. Melvin’s the opposite, he seems not to worry at all.)

Good thing there’s the Internet, plus my parent friends whom I can ask about these things. Good thing as well that Kaila’s fever’s below 38.5 degrees Celsius, which means it’s just a slight one. But it made me worry still for I had to go to class, my mom’s not home (knowing my mom’s just a few houses away makes everything bearable, you know), and Kaila would be left with her yaya. Melvin’s not so hands-on when it comes to these things but he’s still her Dad and I know he won’t let anything happen to her. But I was really worried.

Thank God for simple home remedies, courtesy of the Internet and pharmacist friend. The friend told me that she usually gives her son plenty of fluids, puts KoolFever in his forehead, and rubs him wet towel to lower the fever. Kaila normally does not want to take medicines when she’s sick, which makes everything more difficult. So I took her advice and instructed her ate to do those things. Internet sources say as long as the fever does not get higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, parents need not worry. Just let the fever takes its course. It’s just a way of the body to fight against infection. But then again, parents always worry. Especially when fever occurs in countries like ours, where there’s a danger of dengue fever and all that.

When I arrived home after school, her fever was a little bit higher so I had to coerce her to take her medicine. I bought a strawberry-flavored paracetamol, for she does not like the taste of the orange-flavored medicine. Then I bought her ice cream too. Another advice that I got from the Internet is that it is alright to give cold water, popsicles, or anything cold to the feverish child for it will help her body cool down. So, with some coercion and a cup of ice cream, getting her to drink her medicine was a success. I had to stay up all night though to monitor her temperature and to frequently cover her body with a light blanket to avoid chills. The air conditioning was on so I had to check her every time, whether she feels cold, or if she’s still covered with blanket. I also learned from the Internet that it is not advisable to cover the child with thick clothes when she has a fever. Just dress her in light clothing unless she experiences chills. In fact, giving a bath with lukewarm water is also recommended. When we were growing up as kids, my grandmother would not let us take a bath when we were sick. My mom would let us drink paracetamol and after that, covered us with thick blanket so we would sweat and our body temperature would go down. Doctors these days actually advice otherwise. Accordingly, the sweat glands will be able to release more moisture when the body is exposed. Moreover, sweating will not help break the fever. So much to learn, right?

This morning, Kaila woke up without a fever at all. Thank God. Hope she continues to get better. Siguro e lagnat laki lang ‘to, sabi nga ng matatanda. And I wish her pedia-pulmo would come back sooner. Dra. Vina had a one-month vacation abroad at ang tagal nya bumalik.


Nappy training no more

A few months ago, I wrote about training Kaila to wake up at night to pee on the toilet instead of peeing in her diaper. Surprisingly, she did not need training. It just happened. Two nights ago, I had her pee in the CR before she went to sleep. I had to put on her diaper, worried that she might pee on the bed for she asked for a bottle of milk before sleeping. When she woke up the next morning, her diaper was dry. And so last night, we had the same routine, except no milk and no diaper. Upon waking up this morning, the bed was dry (thanks God). So no need for me to wake up in the middle of the night to have her pee in the toilet. Guess other moms are right, you don’t need to force children. It comes naturally when they’re ready.

Kaila notes

Yesterday, after Kaila’s party at school, she asked me if we can open the gifts that she received from her friends and classmates. I agreed for I was also excited to know what she got for her birthday. Before we opened the gifts, I asked her to tell me who gave each of the gifts. Surprisingly, she remembered 13 of 16 of them. I thought she was not paying attention during gift-giving time (seen her pics in facebook?) for she was really shy and she would just put her fingers in her mouth as her defense mechanism. I was really surprised. I have always been amazed about her memory but she really surprised me yesterday. Sana photographic memory hehe.
Kaila is also very observant. She notices it when I’m wearing a dress (for I don’t really wear girly stuff), when the color of my braces’ band has been changed, when I’m wearing new shoes (you have new shoes mommy?) or when her Daddy wears another shirt color (wow Daddy, you’re wearing a purple shirt!). Her attention to details amazes me.

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