School week starts!

The first week of school is almost done! Was called to recite on Monday (Insurance with Sir Nani) and Tuesday (Tax 2 with Atty. Amiel). Law school recitations are not something that students look forward to (and not something that you get used to) but I’m glad that they really force us to study and study and study.

It’s been a busy week that I barely play with the little girl. During the afternoons after her class, Melvin and I visit the “manghihilot” for his foot. Then we hurry to school. The routine has been so tiring but I’m glad Melvin’s here. May driver tuloy ako. Glad also that his foot is responding well, thank God.

Preggy notes: Had to visit again my OB yesterday because of severe pain in my abdomen. Doctor said there’s irritation somewhere in the rectal area. She gave me vaginal relaxant since I often experience hardness on my belly. Baby boy is doing great, thank God. Hope my pregnancy becomes easier as the due date nears.

Looking for a name for our little boy. I’ve always liked the name Marco, so we’re just searching for a second name to pair with it. I had been thinking to make it Marco Antonio, Antonio being the name of Melvin’s tatay. Cute name right, Marco Antonio Marquez (combination of boxers’ names, haha, that of Barrera’s and Juan Manuel, both beaten by Pacquiao).


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