At home in SG

Currently writing in Singapore while hubby is sleeping beside me. (Yes, only the two of us traveled because his left foot is still in a cast due to his Achilles tendon operation last month. Waah, one month nang walang sweldo, hehe.) It was our first time to ride the plane together–Melvin and I. (Oh, I forgot to take pictures!) I had to accompany Melvin to fix some papers here and take IELTS exam for the processing of his visa. I still don’t know when are we returning to the Philippines (thank God for the dependAnt’s [yes, that’s what they call it here, although I think it should be an E and not an A, right?] pass, I had to purchase one way ticket for myself, which btw cost twice the regular SQ ticket because we had to leave immediately so that Melvin won’t miss his exam. (We could not fly with Cebu Pac because he had to go down the plane with stairs if we choose the said airlines. Meanwhile, PAL costs more than SQ. And I love flying with SQ, that’s why I am so biased, hahaha.) Another exam is due on the 30th of June and we are praying that he could walk without crutches by that time. (He needs to be back for work sooooon!)

I am in Singapore again, but this time, I think I’ll be staying in the house most of the time, just like yesterday. (I went to Yew Tee Point yesterday though to withdraw some cash, then headed back home. First time to ride the bus by myself. I usually ride the MRT or get a taxi everytime we are here.) Oh no, I was looking forward pa naman to shopping, hahaha. Anyway, so here I am, reporting live from Choa Chu Kang Crescent, Singapore. 

No pictures. I can’t believe that I only took one pic (except of course Melvin’s disorganized things), which was uploaded in my FB and Instagram accounts. O well, getting used to SG I think. 🙂