Thank God the surgery went well

Woke up early today for Melvin’s achilles tendon surgery. He was scheduled for a 6 am surgery so we had to wake up early to prep him before the operation. At 5:35 am, we went down to the OR, where we met his anaesthesiologist, who explained that he would be “mildly” asleep during the procedure, that he would not feel anything on his lower body for around 6 hours after the surgery, and that he should not move around after. Melvin and I talked for awhile, I calming him so that he won’t get nervous. It was his first (hopefully the last) operation so I had to comfort him, though he said he was not nervous at all. When his ortho-surgeon came, he tapped Melvin on his right leg and then I went to the waiting area while they brought him to OR 1. I waited for around 10 minutes before I went back to our room to grab some sleep and wait. It’s harder to wait in that area near the OR so I chose to go upstairs. Anyway the operation would take about an hour or so, said the doctor. The doctor also said I better get upstairs to rest, the operation won’t start until an hour, and that they would just call me if I’d be needed.

Upstairs, I immediately turned on the TV so I won’t worry much, said a prayer, took my breakfast, watched Etc and then fall asleep. Woke up in time for AI replay, and waited. 9:45 am, the nurse called me, I was met by the ortho-surgeon, he showed me the pics of Melvin’s torn tendon, which he described as punit na punit . Then I saw Melvin in the recovery room, the doctor even had him waive to me.

So I am back now in our room, just waiting for Melvin tp be brought up here. Thank you God the surgery was successful. Thank you God that Melvin is safe.


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