Nappy Training Day (Night) 1: Epic Fail

Before Kaila turned three, she did not wear any diaper during the day, except when sleeping. I am proud to say that she easily passed that stage when she had no diaper on and she would wet the floor because she did not tell me that she was about to pee. It was easy training her to go to the toilet whenever she feels the need to pass. There was no need for her own toilet bowl, or for bribes or praises. It just happened, you know. However, she still wears diaper when sleeping because she cannot control her bladder while sleeping. And since I am a very busy student, I decided to train her this vacation, when we both don’t go to school.

I’ve been putting off this task for weeks because I am having a hard time waking up in the middle of the night. (I’m currently on my third month of pregnancy.) It was only last night when I finally decided to do this. Before sleeping, I told her I’d wake her up in the middle of the night because she had to pee in the toilet so that our bed won’t get wet. I scheduled the alarm at 12:30 am and 4:30 am. She slept around 9:30 pm. I guess I was so psyched about this exercise that I was able to sleep around 10:30 pm, woke up every 10 minutes or so to check her underwear, then finally got up an hour earlier than my alarm. I decided then to wake up Kaila because I was afraid she might soak our bed with urine. I lifted her from the bed, her eyes still closed, and told her we should go downstairs. She merely nodded and then went back to sleep. To my horror, she urinated the moment she went back to bed. So, I woke her up to her change clothes and at the same time, so I could change the sheets. We slept again afterwards and I waited for 4:30 am. By 2:40 am, I felt our bed getting wet again. Uh-oh. Not again! I did not wake her up. I just put some towels on her side of the bed so she could go back to sleep. Well, apparently, she was already awake and told me she could not go back to sleep, ask for milk, and then decided to go downstairs later to watch TV while drinking her milk.

O well, at least I already know when she pees, right. Two hours interval. I may have to get plastic bedsheets too. Kawawa naman and bed namin. (Poor bed!) Wish me luck in this endeavor. I have another task ahead: train her to drink her milk on the glass.



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I also found some tips online on how to stay dry at night.

First, mothers should determine whether their kids are ready. Children usually masters daytime toiling way way ahead than keeping their beds dry during the night. 

Talk to your child. Prepare her before going to sleep. Make the child urinate before going to sleep. Moms with kids who drink milk before going to sleep may have a hard time training their kids. 

Lastly, do not punish your child for wetting the bed.



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