Nikon it is

After many months of thinking what kind/brand of camera to buy, I’ve decided to get this one:


(Photo from

Now, I’m just thinking what lens to buy, since my brother has a few lens already for his D90. 

Why Nikon? Well, I took the advice of a friend, who said that I must feel each camera first, try using each one and see which one fits my taste. I’ve tried the D90 and fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately, it’s being phased out already, although there are still a lot of units available here. Plus it’s too heavy for me. I’ve tried Canon but there were no sparks when I used the camera. Hahaha. I just love the camera strap, that’s all. I’ve also tried using Sony NEX series, courtesy of my sister’s. Well, I think it’s too small for my hands, and a bit too sensitive. I have my old Sony T2, but Kaila said it’s her camera already, haha. (My kid loves taking photographs.) 

My research also brought me to this website, where I learned a lot about DSLRs and all. I got to read this article, which provided some tips on how to choose the best digital camera. I considered my budget (I don’t need a super expensive camera), plus the other practicalities of my brother owning a D90. Well, my brother also prodded me to buy a Nikon DSLR. His words, “gagamitin pita para magkaron ako ng iba-ibang lens.” Isn’t he smart? Hehe.

So, D5100 it is. Just deciding what lens to buy. Any suggestions?


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