It’s just me thinking

It’s been a while I know. Always busy with a lot of things I ever forgot filling up my daily planner with random thoughts and to-do’s. I’ve been reading a lot–law books, non-law books, blog entries, tweets, and Facebook status updates. And I’ve been writing less. And this made me realize that I need to practice my writing skills (if the skills really exist) more. So, I plan (PLAN!!!) to write more often here and update you (IS SOMEBODY READING THIS?) with anything that is happening in my life. ANYTHING, which means it can be as boring as how I spent my Monday, or what I ate during lunch, and all those stuff. I would have wanted to write about my travel adventures in Australia or in South Korea, but that would mean using my not-so-creative-imagination in order to do that. Haha. Oftentimes, I think my life is boring, but I still thank God for this life. I don’t travel a lot, I spend most of my days in the house, and I do the same things everyday. But it also means I get to spend my days with the important persons in my life, sleep without limit, and watch TV without any worries.

I’ve been thinking of revamping this blog (AGAIN!!!) but until I decided to do that, well this is my blog and this is where I write. 🙂


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