Extra Special Vday

Valentines Day was extra special. Because I confirmed that I was pregnant.


And I received this surprise from hubby.


If you’ve been a constant follower, you know already that I don’t really expect something special during special occasions because Melvin and I are not the thoughtful/swet type of couple. I have been wishing for the longest time for him to surprise me. Well, wishes do come true hihi. First, last Christmas when he gave me Siri. And yesterday, when he sent the flowers while we were having a class.

Hihi. I feel so special. 🙂

We are so happy about the second baby. God willing, sana healthy baby boy. Kaila is not yet prepared to have a sibling though. She is still in the denial stage. “walang baby sa tummy si mommy,” and “i am kaila, hindi ate kaila” were her reactions. Time to make some adjustments. Time to prepare her for the arrival of the little one.


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Hello February

January was a loooong month.
We celebrated new year in singapore then returned to the Philippines a day after. Went back to school, three Mondays of no classes only to have a make-up class on a holiday. Celebrated dad’s 60th. Melvin went home for six days for it and for our fourth year wedding anniversary. It’s also our ninth year as a couple. And while he was here, it was midterms week. Also got to see college friends after almost three years. And met another long time friend from high school after almost 10 years. Midterms over. Got high grades in admin and PIL. Sana ganon din for the remaining seven subjects.

Happy love month everyone. Let’s spread love!


Nota bene: i might be pregnant already. Hihi. Let’s see after three weeks. We’re praying for a baby boy this time. 🙂