(Writing so as not to forget these things. Don’t have time to make lengthy blog post, hehe.)

A couple of friends asked me, “how’s law school.” Without thinking, I answered, “I’m enjoying it.” Yes, I enjoy law school. I can’t wait to be a lawyer soon.
Kaila discovered that Sprite is delicious. Uh-oh. I used to give her Coke, just to give her an opportunity to taste it. You know, as a parent, you do not want to deny your kids the opportunity to enjoy small pleasures. The first time she tasted it, she did not like it. And so last Sunday, she asked if she could drink Sprite and I said yes. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the taste. Which means no Sprite will be allowed in the house from now on, haha.
Kaila’s fond of pink stuff. She also likes Hello Kitty stuff (we were at Digital Walker, MOA last Sunday because I was looking for iGuy for her iPad. iGuy’s out of stock, unfortunately. When she saw the Hello Kitty iPad cover, she wouldn’t let it go. So instead of spending only a little over Php1,000 for iGuy, I spent Php2000++ for the Hello Kitty cover.)

She also likes playing dress up (meaning she’s dressing up Barbie in her iPad). She enjoys doll houses (she’s had three already). She does not like the actual Barbie doll. She loves drums. She enjoys bubbles. (Tapos na at a balloon phase nya, there was a time when after we went to church, she would always request for balloons.) She loves watching Cartoon Network na over Disney Channel. She hates writing, she says she’s tired when I teach her to write.
Midterms next week. Pressure!!!


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