Santa Claus Came to Town

The night before Christmas, I suddenly remembered that Santa Claus still had no gift for the little girl. I was actually thinking whether to introduce to her the concept of Santa Claus coming during Christmas and bringing gifts to children who have been nice throughout the year. Well, if you’ve seen my facebook profile, you now know that Santa Claus indeed came that Christmas midnight to give Kaila a watch. (Bought it for only S$10. Didn’t want to buy something expensive, because, first she does not know how to read time, and second, I was worried that she’d just play with it again until it was totally unusable.)

Anyway, the whole point of the post is that I had doubts whether to introduce Kaila to the make-believe stuff about Santa Claus. I myself believed in Santa Claus until I was 7 or 8, as far as I can remember. I remember getting candies and a Swatch watch from Santa. And then one Christmas, I decided to make a wish list for Santa Claus. Only to find out the next day that my wishes were not granted. My sock only contained money. (Imagine the disappointment of an 8-year old kid when she discovered that her wishes were not granted.) After that, I just stopped believing in Santa Claus. I was not disappointed that Santa Claus is not true. (At least the fact that he comes to every house during Christmas eve. I still believe that Santa existed at one point in time. Yes, there is a child in me that refuses to believe that all of this stuff is just a product of one’s imagination.) It was more of sadness and realization that not all wishes come true.

So at one point, I stopped putting socks at the window. (Window talaga and not on the Christmas tree.) I just accepted the fact that Santa Claus is either my mom or my dad. That’s why I was debating with myself whether to introduce Kaila to this make-believe stuff too. And the make-believe stuff won. Because I want Kaila to remember someday that she did get gifts from Santa. I want her to look forward to celebrating Christmas. I want her to experience the happiness and excitement that most of the kids feel during Christmas. Judging by the way she opened her socks and wore her present from Santa, I guess I was successful. 🙂

As for myself, I am happy that we were able to celebrate Christmas together. Kaila, Melvin and I with Dad, Mom and my brother. Too bad my sister stayed in the Philippines for reasons I don’t understand. I am thankful to God for this chance to be together. We did not have noche buena. There were attempts to have noche buena in the past but we were only four in the family (for Dad was always abroad) and my Mom was always the one who prepares stuff and she find it “maligalig” to cook for noche buena and all that. So we did not have noche buena. We had breakfast and then went to St. Mary’s Church for the mass. We attended the 12:30 pm mass. Afterwards, we went to the mall for some lunch/merienda then went home. Kaila woke up so early that she was tired at around 3pm. She and her Dad slept until 7pm. Then we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. As simple as that, our Christmas is over. But I was happy. And contented. Could not ask for more. Thank you for all these Papa God. and happy birthday again Jesus.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here are Kaila’s photos while checking out her gift from Santa.





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