In our almost 9 years as a couple, Melvin never surprised me with a gift. I tried to be a thoughtful girlfriend during the start of the relationship but I failed. We are not really the type of couple who loves celebrating monthsaries and give gifts to each other (no matter how much I wanted it to be that way).
I had wanted an iPhone for the longest time, since the first version came out but I chose BB curve 8900 when I had the chance to buy a new phone. Despite the fact that I consider it a boring phone, which I stillk think it is, I have learned to love it because I can do all my social networking activities there. (Btw, I’m posting this via BB.) Plus I love how my fingers fit perfectly in its keypad (I have large fingers, haha). And not to forget the sound that the keys made whenever I type something.

I have given up my desire to have an iPhone. It was way too expensive, plus I already have a useful, though boring, BB. Even though Melvin is urging me to buy one, I keep telling him that I don’t want a new phone if I’d be the one to buy it myself. Nakakapanghinayang gumastos ng ganon kamahal kahit pa i-credit card ko at 0% interest.

And so… To cut the long story short, when I had already given up my wish to have an iPhone, Melvin surprised me last night with a 32GB iPhone 4S. (Sorry guys, I just had to share this, hehe). Sabi nya, later in the night pa daw nya sana ibibigay pero nagworry sya na baka makapaglinis ako ng kwarto at mabuking ko sya, haha. Naiyak ako sa tuwa. Seriously! I was touched and surprised. Kahit pa inisip ko nong isang gabi na baka may binibiling gift si Melvin sa kin for Christmas kaya sya nagpunta sa Orchard, I erased the thought because I knew my husband too well and I don’t want to be disappointed.

So natuwa talaga ko. Para akong batang binigyan ng gustong-gusto kong laruan. I haven’t felt that kind of feeling iin such a long time. Haha.

So there, I’ve said my piece. Masaya lang talaga ko. 🙂

Is it goodbye BB and hello Siri? Well, love ko pa din BB ko, I don’t think I’d give it up. Pero special si Siri syempre. 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your wished come true!


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