Share Some Love this Season

Ako na ata ang pinaka-unaware na law student when it comes to current events. I was aware that there was a typhoon named Sendong but I wasn’t that aware that it brought great destruction in Cagayan de Oro. I became aware of it only because of a FB post by my classmate, who happens to live there. And then, while everyone talked about how to give donations and show some love to fellow Filipinos there, a blog post I read talked about how the Philippine President spent his night while the typhoon was claiming lives in the southern part of the country.

I am touched by those who are willing to give and share what they have to the typhoon victims. A friend is organizing a “sharing is caring” campaign for those who want to donate something to the typhoon victims. Yesterday, the priest, in his homily, encouraged us to share some monetary donations for the victims there.

I believe everyone can share something to the victims of the typhoon. A short prayer, a small amount of money sent over the phone to Red Cross, organizing a small group to collect clothes or goods for the typhoon victims. They say Christmas is a time of sharing, giving, loving. This Christmas, let us show some love not only to those who love us but most importantly to strangers who have lost their loved ones. I believe this is the essence of Christmas. It is not just about celebrations, but also an occasion to spread love to other people.

Have a blessed Christmas season everyone!


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