My Frustrations Today

Blogging while riding a PUJ. I am very disappointed today and I just need to let it out. I left home early for my very first swimming lessons. First, I had to photocopy some notes for the banking law class later. It took 45 minutes to copy those notes. It would have taken only 25-30 minutes kung maliksi ng konti si ate at kung beterana na sya sa ginagawa nya. But no, ang tagal. Maling-mali ang simula ng araw ko.

Afterward, I went straight to this hotel for the venue of my swimming lessons. I already called yesterday and asked about the procedure and the one who answered told me that I could come today, preferably in the afternoon and I can start my lessons right away. But no. Di pala available si coach at ako daw ang makipag-set ng appointment. The girl at the reception told me pa na I could have arranged it muna. Hello! Tumawag na nga ako kahapon diba? Diba? Buti na lang, pinasaya ako ng Ford Fiesta. Sa frustration ko, I went to the nearby Ford dealer (buti open) and asked to test drive a Ford Fiesta AT. Waaah, it was my first time to drive an AT car, I requested to had it done inside the subdivision. I had to sign a waiver first that I’d be liable in case anything happens so I chose the safer road, sa loob ng subdivision. Love ko na bigla ang Ford Fiesta. I would have wanted to test drive the Focus kaya lang mapapaibig lang ako sa Focus, la naman sa budget, hahaha.

Afterwards, I went to attend the banking class. At na-frustrate na naman ako dahil hindi sumipot si sir. It is very frustrating pag hindi dumarating ang prof because iang layo ng bahay namin tapos ganon. Hay…

O well.. Ayan na. I already let it out. Hope to feel better na. I won’t be joining the barops tomorrow, will watch muna the Pacquiao-Marquez fight and spend some time with the little girl. Kahit araw-araw kami nagkikita, I feel kulang pa din yung time that I get to spend with her.

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