Second Year Second Sem

Another sem will start tomorrow. I am only hoping that this sem turns out to be an awesome one. Subjects for this sem: administrative law, civil procedure, transportation, agency, legal accounting (waaah!), taxation (more waaah!), public international law, and intellectual property law. whew.

Last sem was not so awesome, except for my nego and crim pro grades. i missed the dean’s list by point something points (boo!). there are reasons for this, one because i sort of relaxed last semester. and a few others that i refuse to mention. anyhow, for this semester, i commit not to spend to much time facebook-ing and tweeting and reading blogs. (too much time means only visit these sites once a day and spend only 45 minutes or less online.) Moreover, i commit to spend more time with my studies, concentrate on the more important subjects, and strictly follow my schedule.



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