Meet “Georgia”

the big purchase

I wanted a white or urban titanium Honda Civic 1.8S MT but I gave in to what Melvin wanted and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 It is automatic, 2012 edition, fuel efficient, and… well, orange.

Thank you God for all your blessings. May You continue to bless me and my family so that we can also be a blessing to others. Amen.


My Frustrations Today

Blogging while riding a PUJ. I am very disappointed today and I just need to let it out. I left home early for my very first swimming lessons. First, I had to photocopy some notes for the banking law class later. It took 45 minutes to copy those notes. It would have taken only 25-30 minutes kung maliksi ng konti si ate at kung beterana na sya sa ginagawa nya. But no, ang tagal. Maling-mali ang simula ng araw ko.

Afterward, I went straight to this hotel for the venue of my swimming lessons. I already called yesterday and asked about the procedure and the one who answered told me that I could come today, preferably in the afternoon and I can start my lessons right away. But no. Di pala available si coach at ako daw ang makipag-set ng appointment. The girl at the reception told me pa na I could have arranged it muna. Hello! Tumawag na nga ako kahapon diba? Diba? Buti na lang, pinasaya ako ng Ford Fiesta. Sa frustration ko, I went to the nearby Ford dealer (buti open) and asked to test drive a Ford Fiesta AT. Waaah, it was my first time to drive an AT car, I requested to had it done inside the subdivision. I had to sign a waiver first that I’d be liable in case anything happens so I chose the safer road, sa loob ng subdivision. Love ko na bigla ang Ford Fiesta. I would have wanted to test drive the Focus kaya lang mapapaibig lang ako sa Focus, la naman sa budget, hahaha.

Afterwards, I went to attend the banking class. At na-frustrate na naman ako dahil hindi sumipot si sir. It is very frustrating pag hindi dumarating ang prof because iang layo ng bahay namin tapos ganon. Hay…

O well.. Ayan na. I already let it out. Hope to feel better na. I won’t be joining the barops tomorrow, will watch muna the Pacquiao-Marquez fight and spend some time with the little girl. Kahit araw-araw kami nagkikita, I feel kulang pa din yung time that I get to spend with her.

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Second Year Second Sem

Another sem will start tomorrow. I am only hoping that this sem turns out to be an awesome one. Subjects for this sem: administrative law, civil procedure, transportation, agency, legal accounting (waaah!), taxation (more waaah!), public international law, and intellectual property law. whew.

Last sem was not so awesome, except for my nego and crim pro grades. i missed the dean’s list by point something points (boo!). there are reasons for this, one because i sort of relaxed last semester. and a few others that i refuse to mention. anyhow, for this semester, i commit not to spend to much time facebook-ing and tweeting and reading blogs. (too much time means only visit these sites once a day and spend only 45 minutes or less online.) Moreover, i commit to spend more time with my studies, concentrate on the more important subjects, and strictly follow my schedule.