The Prodigal Daughter

Finished reading this book while here in Singapore. It was my first time to read Jeffrey Archer and I can say it was a good experience reading him.

The story was about Florentyna Rosnovski, who was destined to be the 43rd President of the United States. I finished the book in three days but could have finished it in one day if not for the many wife-y duties here. I could not put the book down and would not close it even if the only light in the room was a dim lampshade. My poor eyes! It was an exciting novel, which tackled the life of Florentyna and how she became the first woman president of the US.

One particular chapter which prompted me to stop reading the book was the one about funerals, when the most important people in her life died, including her husband. It was heartbreaking that I found myself so sad I had to hug my husband for comfort.

The most triumphant moment of her life, I think, was when she was the VP of America and the Russians were about to wage was in the US.

I am not very good in writing book reviews but I really want to remember this book because it opened up a lot of feelings and ideas to me. For instance, I am now considering getting Kaila a “governess” like Ms. Tredgold, haha. Seriously, I want Kaila to be as intelligent and well-informed like the heroine of the story and it should start by constantly reading her books and not leave her in front of the TV all the time. Second, Archer reminds me to be passionate about everything I do. Third, everything starts with a dream. Fourth, it makes me want to be closer to my Dad, for Florentyna was the only child of her parents and she was indeed very close to her father. I am not very close to my parents, probably because I am not very vocal about my feelings and because we rarely talk about feelings in our house. Fifth, the book made me utter this statement to Melvin out of the blue: “Pag matanda na tayo, kiss mo pa din ako ha.” Hihi. I normally don’t say things like that to him, because I was not brought up to be very expressive about my feelings.

There are a lot of things a book can do to its readers. This book made me realize/say/feel all that and more. I think I’ll be buying another Jeffrey Archer book soon.


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