Clean Up Day

Day 1 of 14 is clean up day. Melvin’s been telling  me that his room needs some organizing and that would be the very first thing that I should do when I get here. I am not very good when it comes to cleaning and organizing closets because I have allergy to dust so I get sneeze-y each time I attempt to clean the house. Out of love (choz!), I cleaned up his room and his closet all morning. Good thing Mom and Dad brought Kaila to the market so I had the house all by myself. Finished cleaning around 1pm.

Is there a difference?

Then, I accompanied Kaila to the pool. She’s been bugging us all morning that she wanted to go swimming. So around 2pm, I decided to bring her downstairs for 1-hour swim. Here’s some pics of Kaila while on the pool.

Enjoying the pool. Can't wait for her to learn how to swim.

We were scheduled to go to church at 530 when Melvin comes home from work. However, Kaila got tired from swimming so she slept immediately when we got upstairs. We went to church of St. Mary and attended the 7pm mass instead. After which, we went to the nearby mall to buy a printer for Melvin. Here’s us before going to the church.

love love love family pics

Happy day everyone!

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