In SG for the Sembreak: Almost Missed SQ919

Yesterday was our flight aboard SQ919, 16:50. We almost missed the plane, because of the unusual traffic in Alabang area. Good thing I checked in online plus the van’s driver, Melvin’s friend, had the presence of mind to use alternate routes so that we get in the airport on time.

We arrived at the airport 4:10 pm, I immediately paid the travel tax then while in queue, I heard that the passengers of SQ919 are already boarding. So the people in the travel tax payment area assisted me and then I went to SQ counter. They almost would not let us in and said that we have to take the later flight. But because I checked in online, they allowed us in. They let us in after putting our bags with “Limited Release” tags.

Then we ran towards the immigration (imagine us–me, Kaila and Mom with her wedge sandals running at the airport like those in The Amazing Race), thank God the immigration officers let us in without questions, except for the reason why we were late, which I answered “we were caught in Alabang traffic”. After we passed the immigration, I barely had time to wear my Nikes properly because they said that we should hurry. Kaila was calling me because my shoes were not properly worn (I should have come in my Havs). Come boarding area, the SQ staff were whining because we were late and all I could say was we’re very sorry and thank you very much.

Of course, we made it. Although the flight was a bit delayed because of us. I am really thankful the the NAIA Terminal I staff who made it possible for us not to miss our flight. I did not have the chance to know their names because we were such in a hurry. Even Kaila was hurrying, good thing she understood what was happening. NAIA Terminal I maybe the worst airport in the world, but because of things like these, I am proud of this airport. Such accommodating people. I hope the authorities will do something about the airport to make it look better. Thanks as well to Singapore Airlines for allowing us to board the plane. Never in my life will I be late again for a flight. It was stressful, yet very memorable indeed.


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