The Prodigal Daughter

Finished reading this book while here in Singapore. It was my first time to read Jeffrey Archer and I can say it was a good experience reading him.

The story was about Florentyna Rosnovski, who was destined to be the 43rd President of the United States. I finished the book in three days but could have finished it in one day if not for the many wife-y duties here. I could not put the book down and would not close it even if the only light in the room was a dim lampshade. My poor eyes! It was an exciting novel, which tackled the life of Florentyna and how she became the first woman president of the US.

One particular chapter which prompted me to stop reading the book was the one about funerals, when the most important people in her life died, including her husband. It was heartbreaking that I found myself so sad I had to hug my husband for comfort.

The most triumphant moment of her life, I think, was when she was the VP of America and the Russians were about to wage was in the US.

I am not very good in writing book reviews but I really want to remember this book because it opened up a lot of feelings and ideas to me. For instance, I am now considering getting Kaila a “governess” like Ms. Tredgold, haha. Seriously, I want Kaila to be as intelligent and well-informed like the heroine of the story and it should start by constantly reading her books and not leave her in front of the TV all the time. Second, Archer reminds me to be passionate about everything I do. Third, everything starts with a dream. Fourth, it makes me want to be closer to my Dad, for Florentyna was the only child of her parents and she was indeed very close to her father. I am not very close to my parents, probably because I am not very vocal about my feelings and because we rarely talk about feelings in our house. Fifth, the book made me utter this statement to Melvin out of the blue: “Pag matanda na tayo, kiss mo pa din ako ha.” Hihi. I normally don’t say things like that to him, because I was not brought up to be very expressive about my feelings.

There are a lot of things a book can do to its readers. This book made me realize/say/feel all that and more. I think I’ll be buying another Jeffrey Archer book soon.


Big Buys

I told myself I’ll limit our expenses while here in SG because we are saving for something big late this year or early next year. Aside from a few toys for Kaila, here;s what we’ve bought so far.

melvin's RL perfumes + freebies. my bro's Armani perfume. kaila's h&m dress. my shoes Anna Nucci and a bargain buy (SGD 23).

It was Melvin who spent more, not Kaila and I. I’m still thinking whether to get an iPhone 4S, iPad2 or a high-end camera for myself. But then again, the “big purchase” of the year was for myself na din, so ‘wag na lang diba?

Staying Indoors

I am a homebody, that’s why we have not been to any pasyalan lately, and we’re in Singapore right now, which means I should take every opportunity to go pasyal, right? Β Here’s what we’re up to lately.

Monday, October 24. Celebrated Dad and Mom’s 29th year anniversary. Twenty nine years of love, and most of those years they spent far apart because Dad’s always abroad ever since the world began. Β (When I say most, it means they only get to spend one month together every year in Dad’s 18 years in Dubai. Plus two years before Dubai. And then three weeks every three months when Dad was in China. And then Singapore.) I admire how loyal and faithful they are to each other. Long distance relationship is tough, but see, their relationship is still as strong as ever.

Here’s the mandatory couple shot, hihi, plus a few other photos. We ate at New York New York (again! yes, we’re predictable like that) located at Β the nearby mall, Jurong Point.

Twenty nine years of love

new york new your. caesar salad. super big burger that's good for four pips. signature bbq spareribs.

Tuesday, October 25. Melvin’s off for the day because he had to get his personal employment pass at The Riverwalk. We woke up late, went to the market first kung saan inabutan kami ng malakas na ulan. (We were walking in the rain, good thing I brought my umbrella so Kaila did not get wet as much as Melvin did). I think it was a surreal moment, sayang walang picture. We went out around 1:30 pm. I did not bring the camera because I predicted that we’d get tired because we’d go malling. (I should have brought my ever reliable Sony Cybershot. So confused na naman ako whether to get a DSLR or evil cam, sobrang inconvenient to bring the DSLR when you have a kid.) We were tired indeed. Kinailangang pasanin si Kaila for many times because she kept on saying “pagod na ako.” Good thing Melvin’s very patient with the little girl. Gusto nya laging kasama si Kaila wherever we go kahit mahirapan sya sa pag-carry kay Kaila, go lang. Sweet isn’t he?

uso ang pikit sa pictures. family shot before pasyal. di kami mahilig sa terno shirts. πŸ™‚

We went to Paragon for some shopping. Of course, wala na naman akong na-shopping for myself. Melvin bought one set of RL perfumes (four bottles labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4) for himself and we spent S$531 for those! I bought an Armani perfume for my brother. Fortunately, we got 10% discount for the perfumes, excluding 7% GST plus lots of freebies. (Photos to follow) After which, we searched where H&M was. To my dismay, plenty of people are also there. Ayoko pa naman mag-shopping pag ganon, parang palengke. Bought a dress for Kaila. Couldn’t find anything for myself, boo.

We got home around 6:30 pm, rested for a while then proceeded to cook Melvin’s baon for the following day. Melvin was the one who cooked, I just cut the carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers. He cooks better than I am so I let him cook. The result: yummy menudo! Congrats Daddy, I am proud of you. πŸ™‚

I don’t plan to go anywhere today. I’m planning to clean the unit, wash our clothes, and then sleep all day. I love this life. πŸ™‚

Clean Up Day

Day 1 of 14 is clean up day. Melvin’s been telling Β me that his room needs some organizing and that would be the very first thing that I should do when I get here. I am not very good when it comes to cleaning and organizing closets because I have allergy to dust so I get sneeze-y each time I attempt to clean the house. Out of love (choz!), I cleaned up his room and his closet all morning. Good thing Mom and Dad brought Kaila to the market so I had the house all by myself. Finished cleaning around 1pm.

Is there a difference?

Then, I accompanied Kaila to the pool. She’s been bugging us all morning that she wanted to go swimming. So around 2pm, I decided to bring her downstairs for 1-hour swim. Here’s some pics of Kaila while on the pool.

Enjoying the pool. Can't wait for her to learn how to swim.

We were scheduled to go to church at 530 when Melvin comes home from work. However, Kaila got tired from swimming so she slept immediately when we got upstairs. We went to church of St. Mary and attended the 7pm mass instead. After which, we went to the nearby mall to buy a printer for Melvin. Here’s us before going to the church.

love love love family pics

Happy day everyone!

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In SG for the Sembreak: Almost Missed SQ919

Yesterday was our flight aboard SQ919, 16:50. We almost missed the plane, because of the unusual traffic in Alabang area. Good thing I checked in online plus the van’s driver, Melvin’s friend, had the presence of mind to use alternate routes so that we get in the airport on time.

We arrived at the airport 4:10 pm, I immediately paid the travel tax then while in queue, I heard that the passengers of SQ919 are already boarding. So the people in the travel tax payment area assisted me and then I went to SQ counter. They almost would not let us in and said that we have to take the later flight. But because I checked in online, they allowed us in. They let us in after putting our bags with “Limited Release” tags.

Then we ran towards the immigration (imagine us–me, Kaila and Mom with her wedge sandals running at the airport like those in The Amazing Race), thank God the immigration officers let us in without questions, except for the reason why we were late, which I answered “we were caught in Alabang traffic”. After we passed the immigration, I barely had time to wear my Nikes properly because they said that we should hurry. Kaila was calling me because my shoes were not properly worn (I should have come in my Havs). Come boarding area, the SQ staff were whining because we were late and all I could say was we’re very sorry and thank you very much.

Of course, we made it. Although the flight was a bit delayed because of us. I am really thankful the the NAIA Terminal I staff who made it possible for us not to miss our flight. I did not have the chance to know their names because we were such in a hurry. Even Kaila was hurrying, good thing she understood what was happening. NAIA Terminal I maybe the worst airport in the world, but because of things like these, I am proud of this airport. Such accommodating people. I hope the authorities will do something about the airport to make it look better. Thanks as well to Singapore Airlines for allowing us to board the plane. Never in my life will I be late again for a flight. It was stressful, yet very memorable indeed.

one down, seven more to go

what i'm up to tonight

what i’m up to tonight

Nego was hard. O well, what do I expect. But I was able to answer the q’s, hope I answered them correctly. The goal was to perfect nego; an impossible dream indeed. Well, all things are possible if you just believe. πŸ™‚ well, the picture above shows what I’ll be reading for the rest of the night until the wee hours of the morning. I think I have to eat rice for the meantime. Oh no, my diet. 😦 but I cannot survive this week and next week if I don’t eat rice. I need energy. I need carbs. Wish me luck on crim pro, the hardest subject by far. I can conquer crim pro right? Just as I unexpectedly conquered nego last mid terms. πŸ™‚

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Reviewing for Finals

Finals start on Wednesday, so hello to two-hour sleep at night, more than three cups of coffee per day, dandruff, and other stress-related stuff. These are the days when you hear my classmates (and me too) say, “I should have studied this earlier,” or that “Promise, I will not cram next sem.”

I’m currently reviewing my favorite subject, Negotiable Instruments Law, (see the picture of the book–it’s the thinnest book we had this sem, only 242 pages, yet this is actually the subject where I’ve alloted a lot of time reviewing). I have reviewed Crim Pro yesterday, which is by far the hardest to review because Herrera’s book is more than 1000 pages, if I’m not mistaken.

So much for this. To cap it all, it’s finals week and I should be studying. Please pray for me friends. πŸ™‚

After finals, a trip to Laguna and two-week vacay in Singapore. πŸ™‚

most read book this sem

most read book this sem

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You’ve Got to Find What You Love ~ Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2005

I am an Apple fan, although I only got two apple products (will be three soon): an iPod (first gen) and a MacBook Pro, both from my husband. And I am affected that the man behind these wonderful products already passed away. Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs for everything that you shared the world. Thank you for your genius. You will always be remembered.