Hating Rainy Days

I was writing this in the middle of moot court exhibition out of, maybe boredom or lack of interest in the presentation of my schoolmates. It is also raining, there is actually a storm (Typhoon Pedring) and our province is under public storm signal no. 1. All I want is to cuddle in bed with my little girl, wishing as well that my husband’s with us as well.

Rainy days always make me sad. I hate waking up and finding out that it is a gloomy day. These days make me wish that Melvin’s with me, he’d fetch me from school, we’d share umbrella, have coffee at Starbucks and so on.

Before we got married, we were five years into the relationship. However, since we’re always far apart, we never really had time to bond that long. I was always in Manila and the relationship was sort of illegal. Whenever we’re together, time seemed to fly so fast that we barely had time to talk. I always wanted to go out of town but, aside from budget constraints, my parents wouldn’t allow me to go out of town.

Rainy days make me sad because they remind me of sadness, of my longing for with my husband. I am thankful that he has a job right now but I also wish to be with him always. Watch him wake up. Watch him while sleeping. Hug him whenever I want to. If it were not for law school, we’ll probably be in Singapore right now. But, we are thinking of our long term goals and of the future. We are doing this not for ourselves but for Kaila and the future kids.


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