On Weddings and Ever Afters

After I got married, everytime I attend a wedding and the bride walks in the aisle, I can’t help but become teary-eyed. It reminds me of my wedding day, when I walked down the aisle, teary-eyed as well, to say “I do” to the most wonderful man in the whole world. 

Last September 10, our family (less my sister) went to QC to attend Kuya Ryann’s wedding. I was assigned as the commentator and my brother was one of the groom’s men so we had to be there early (the ceremony was at 3pm). We left home 1130 am and fetched my cousins, who decided to ride with us. We had two gasoline stops, one at Petron STAR tollway to check our tires and the other at Shell Mamplasan to fetch my brother’s gf and grab a quick lunch. I thought we would be late for the mass because we were not familiar with the church location, but that God for maps and for the manongs, we arrived 15 minutes before the actual ceremony.


(From L-R: Emily (my bro’s gf), me, Kaila, Daddy, Mommy)

As I’ve said, weddings are very dear to me, and so when Ate Anjh was walking down the aisle, I was on the verge of crying. I felt a mixture of emotions, probably the same feelings three years ago while I was walking down the aisle, approaching Melvin. And when Ate Anjh reached Kuya Ryann, I had to look somewhere else because if not, my tears would’ve fallen, I would’ve lost my composure and I wouldn’t be able to perform my part in the ceremony.

It was a solemn yet joyful ceremony. Looking at them, I knew that they are really meant for each other. My cousin had a son when he was 18. His parents and his girlfriend’s parents decided not to have them married. It was a very unconventional decision, but during the wedding ceremony, I realized that it was actually a good decision. For if not, I think my cousin wouldn’t have met Ate Anjh and he wouldn’t be as happy.


With the groom’s family

I am happy to have been part of that wonderful wedding. I am not privy to their private lives but during that moment, when I attended their wedding, I felt their happiness. It is every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle and get married to her prince charming. Three years ago, my dream came true when I married Melvin. And everytime I see a bride in her white gown, preparing to meet her man at the end of the red carpet, that exact moment that I was in the bride’s shoes is relived and I feel like I am that girl again, anticipating for that moment to happen when I can finally say that I am Mrs. Prince Charming and we can live happily ever after.


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