One Night in Cafe Milflores

There are quite a few things that pleases me and catches my attention: books, interior design, picture frames, and writing materials (notebooks, post-its, anything paper that one can write on). During one of our night explorations, my law school buddies went to a newly-opened cafe in Batangas City to have our after-class snack. I did not expect anything grand about the place neither did I went there expecting that it was your usual coffee/pastry shop that serve as tambayan of the sosyaleras (sorry for the term).

However, the minute I entered the cafe, I was literally hooked into it. (Hooked because I ignored the “tsismis” of my classmate and had to ask him to repeat his story after I was done taking photos.) 

Cafe Milflores is an extraordinary coffee and sweets resto. We were welcomed by their smiling chef named Martin, which made me feel instantly comfortable with the place. It is not the usual good evening mam/sir greeting; rather, we were greeted as if we have known each other for a long time.

The ambience of the place is also very welcoming. Cozy but chic. I felt like I was in a little girl’s room because of the light pink and white theme that dominated it (I was imagining my little girl’s room to look like this, minus the bar of course). It was a small place, yet the bright chandeliers and the all glass windows made it appear as if it can accommodate a hundred people at the same time. I particularly like the walls decorated with pictures frames and mirrors of various sizes. There is a blue sofa at the other end of the room, which is a good spot for taking photos. A bookshelf filled with recent titles (such as the Twilight series and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series) is located on the left side of the sofa. The cafe is indeed an ideal place for reading (except maybe during those nights when a group of law students visits the place to rant about school, haha, that’s us!).



The girls on the sofa

After taking plenty of photos, we finally decided to order food. I chose grilled cheese trio, brewed coffee and oreo cheese cake (wala munang diet). I haven’t tried a lot of sandwiches and food in general so I don’t know whether the food was extraordinary. For me, I consumed the sandwich and the coffee so it must have tasted good, right? More emphasis should be given to the cheesecake. Yum yum yum! (Also the toblerone-flavored cheesecake ordered by my friend.) I’m fond of sweets but I don’t like it when the dessert is overwhelmingly saccharine. The cheesecakes here are superb! Not too sweet and very smooth. I have yet to taste the other treats. It doesn’t hurt if I try one everyday because the food selection is very much affordable. I spent only P185 for all the items that I bought.




Lastly, the shop offers small pieces of cute items that you can take home as souvenirs. (Yes, I did take home two items for Kaila and myself.)

To sum it all up, Cafe Milflores is a must-visit. As I’ve written in the first part of this piece, I love books, notepads, and interior design. Cafe Milflores is the epitome of my most favorite things in the world, which is probably why it had me at hello. This can be your favorite reading spot or tambayan too.  

Nota bene: In case you found this piece too biased, no, I am not in any way associated to Cafe Milflores. 🙂 You can find Cafe Milflores at 2A P. Dandan St. cor P. Panganiban St. Batangas City. Visit also their Facebook Page for more info. 

Here are more photos for your reference. Apologies if they’re not high quality ones for they are taken by my BB Curve. Next time I’d bring my camera.


Love love love the walls!


More wall pics!




Yes, they have these lights! Very elegant indeed.


Yellow door!

Table for two! My turn to have a photo op.



2 comments on “One Night in Cafe Milflores

  1. Big big thanks mhel. This blog is overwhelming! Bem went to the store the next day and I told her to tell you how grateful we are knowing how you guys enjoyed your stay there. Thank you so much and we hope you’ll be back to try the rest.

  2. Thanks Martin! Sorry, my busy sched won’t allow me to return pa, haha. (Plus I’m on diet and the sweets are soooo tempting, haha.) Yup, Bem told me about it, thank you as well. 🙂 I’ll drop by as soon. Thank you again! 🙂

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