The grades are out!

I did not know what to expect when I arrived at Kaila’s school today. I was wishing that Kaila got good grades but I did not want to expect too much from my little girl. I do not want to pressure Kaila early on in her life because of the simple fact na hindi s’ya sanay sa biglaan (to borrow the lyrics of the song “Biglaan.)

Academic Skills


As I expected, she did well in her exams. Teacher said that she easily picks up the lessons, so there is no problem when it comes to her intellectual abilities. She also received a green star (Acceptable) for her Christian values and attitudes. (Matutuwa Lola ko nyan.) However, her other skills: autonomy, social, communication, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills all need further improvement. I was surprised how detailed the assessment was. For instance, in the autonomy skill, it was divided into several categories, which includes the self-help skills, which in turn include a category that says “uses utensils when eating.” Very specific indeed. And I love the fact that the grading categories are laid out that way. It is easier to know which areas parents should concentrate on when it comes to the development of their children, right. Here’s a photo so that you get an idea how detailed it is (and you get to see how’s Kaila doing in school.

How's Kaila Doing?

Summing up Teacher Margie’s observations:

1. Kaila still acts like a baby. (Pa-bunso attitude) She likes being assisted (Teacher, I can’t do it.) She is still very dependent on other people.

2. She is very sweet to her teachers.

3. She is sometimes bossy to her classmates. Haha. I can imagine.

4. She mimics what her teacher does and says to her classmates. (No Veron, do not color your book./Sit down on your chair.)

5. She easily understands the class lessons.

6. She loves it when she is given a task.

7. She oftentimes runs without direction.

8. She is moody. There are times when she does not want to do a task that her teachers have to wait until she is already in the mood to do it.

9. She is no longer as “mataray” as before. (Haha. Where did she get that trait, I wonder.)

Teacher said not to worry because it was just an initial assessment. There is a lot of room for improvement. The truth is, I am not worried at all. I was actually happy to find out how Kaila is doing and that fact that she has improved greatly, from the crybaby who did not want Mommy to leave her inside the classroom to an eager school girl who always comes home from school with a star on her hand. Way to go kiddo. Mommy and Daddy are proud of you. 🙂

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