Teaching Kaila

Teaching Kaila

Studying entails a lot of sacrifices, especially when you are a student-mom like me. One of the things that I cannot religiously do is to teach my little girl. Good thing she easily picks up her school lessons and she usually comes home from school with a star (which means very good) on her hand.

Whenever I have time, I make it a point to teach her. Whenever there is an opportunity, I insert their class lessons to the situation to review whether she understands what they teach her in school.

Last August was their assessment month for the first quarter. I don’t know if she did well because her teacher is on maternity leave and she cannot conduct PTC due to her condition. But based on my assessment, she is good with numbers (she must have got it from her dad, haha) and she has a sharp memory. I don’t know if all kids have a sharp/retentive memory but Kaila is able to recall easily what she saw/hear even after a few weeks. One instance is the name of her pedia-pulmo, whom we visit only a very few times a year because her clinic is in Alabang (1.5 hours drive if there is no traffic) and she is not really Kaila’s pedia (I just bring Kaila to her when she has persistent cough for her “true” pedia usually gives antibiotics for cough). The last time we visited her was January. Kaila is afraid of her pedia so we normally have a hard time bringing her to the doctor when she is sick. She cries hard, shouts, and does not want to see her pedia. So when I told her last month that we will go to the doctor, she said: “Ayaw dra (her pedia). Don na lang Dra. Vina.” I was surprised that she still recalls the name of dra vina despite the fact that we seldom visit her. The point is, I was surprised that she retained the name of dra vina even after a few months that her name was never mentioned in any of our conversations.

So, my problem now is that I want Kaila to develop study habits as early as 3 years old. I also want her to excel in class, although I don’t want to put too much pressure this early. She loves writing and reading, she enjoys watching TV and she is very eager to learn things. But there are times when she refuses to learn and study. I want her to understand that studying is important. I always tell her to do listen to her teachers and to answer teachers’ questions. I always tell her to have a star on her hand when she comes home from school. And I tell her that we are proud of her when she does well in school. Does a 3-year-old kid understand the concept of “make-your-mommy-proud”?

O well, I know this is a long process.
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