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I am busy every month. But I have time for FB and Twitter and for late-night coffee at SB. I should learn to manage my time more effectively so that I can accomplish the more important things that I should be doing, instead of spending hours looking into the profile of my FB friends. These “more important things” of course includes updating this blog and filling up my journal.

Anyway, here’s a recap of my August.

Week 1 is assessment week for Kaila. I was so stressed because I had to review her class lessons, especially in her Reading subject, and she wouldn’t listen to me. The results of her assessment are yet to be released because her teacher is on maternity leave. I hope she did well in her exams. Here’s a photo of her while reviewing for Math.

reviewing for Math

Week 2 was my midterms week. That was the most stressful week of my life as of this time. I was pressured to do well in my exams because I was DL last semester so I had to prove to my professors (especially to the father and the son) that I deserve to be in the dean’s list. Eight exams and hundreds of pages of coverage. I haven’t studied like that in my whole life as a student. At dahil sobrang stressed, after five exams, napatambay kami sa SB despite the fact that we have Sales exam the next day.

SB night. From L-R: Mayora (asawa ng mayor), me, marben, ate sophie, tina, paolo, ate meanne, marvin, and bem (always the top 1). roma took the photo.

Week 3: Melvin came home for three days because his aunt died. He arrived Saturday, I had a forensic med exam, and we fetched him at the airport. Wala akong tulog! I told him that I would not be able to fetch him, masama pala loob nya dahil don, pero di ko sya matiis. I took the exam with only 1/5 hours of sleep. Relied on my CS (sabi ng prof namin, CS lang ang kelangan para pumasa sa forensic med. Sana may CS ako.)

Week 4: Long weekend. While everybody was  going somewhere else to spend the long weekend, I spent mine at the hospital for my breast mass excision. It was my fourth time to have an operation like that (I was 13 the first time I underwent a fibroadenoma excision), so sabi nga ng anaesthesiologist, alam na alam ko na. Yet, I was more nervous than the previous operations. Ganon ata talaga pag tumatanda na. At pag marami nang taong umaasa sa ‘yo. I was afraid not for myself but for my loved ones, which made me realize why some people chose to be single all their lives. Thank God for the successful operation. Praying to God that this will be the last excision of fibroadenoma.

Welcome September. Last year, I posted in my FB profile, “Wake me up when September ends.” Last year, I had my first bar ops experience. Luckily this time, bar exams were moved on November so less pressure for law students like me. September started with a good news, as Melvin’s Personal Employment Pass was approved, which means it will be easier for him to go to Singapore for every project. Sadly however, my CrimPro exam was very disappointing. I promise to take the subject seriously so I can make bawi.

I am excited over so many things, including the sem break (and hopefully get to spend the two-week vacation in SG), Christmas season, and getting something for our family. I will not be sharing it until it happens. but friends, please help me pray for it so it will come true.

Hello September. Hello Christmas season. Hello to more exciting things over the next few months! Cheers everyone!





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