Midterms week!

It’s 10 pm and I just had dinner. I thought of sleeping already but since I just ate, I’m just lying on my bed and resting my body. And so I grabbed the opportunity to update this blog while I wait for my stomach to digest the chicken and rice that I ate for dinner.

It’s midterms week. We had our first exam on property a while ago. MCQ was relatively easy, but the essay part, man, it was far from easy. Plus we had to answer the questions in an hour. Talk about pressure. I was a bit disappointed by myself. I know I could have done better if I organized my thoughts properly. I could have answered the questions differently if I did not panic. So now, I realize that I have to train myself to think fast and to think in the most logical way possible if I want to survive law school.

Four more exams this week, one more next tuesday and another one next saturday… Thank God Kaila has a yaya who accompanies her to school and plays with her while at home. Thank God that Melvin has work and I don’t have to work so I can concentrate on my studies. Thank God for my family for making my life easier and more manageable. For friends who keep me sane. For Kaila who keeps me inspired. And for Melvin who is my source of strength.

I’m being challenged to do better. I accept the challenge. (Weh, di nga?)

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Inspiring Interior Designs

I’m excited to have our own house. This Switcheroom blog is such a source of inspiration when it comes to interior designs and makeovers. I have been a follower for a few months already and I get really excited with the owner’s makeovers. My favorites include the picture framed walls (will definitely have a plenty of picture frames on the walls of my house) and the food stylist’s office shelf. *Sigh* Can’t wait to build our house already.

July was busier, but less stressful

Found myself being challenged to do better than myself. Wrote about being able to live up to the expectations of others. Often caught myself looking at the FB profiles of other people, wishing that I also live the life that they are living (travelling, at the peak of their careers, owning cars and condo units, etc). A friend told me, I am blessed for I have a beautiful family. I always remind myself of what she said whenever I feel a little jealous of the lives of other people. I am blessed and I make sure to thank God everyday for his blessings. Remembered Mites on her birthday. I told her that I know she is happy wherever she is. Celebrated Kaila’s third birthday. Melvin came home for one week vacation. Kaila enjoyed her day, although she had tantrums and would not allow me to leave her classroom to buy food for her classmates. Buti na lang, Melvin was around, nagpaka-Daddy naman at s’ya ang nag-asikaso ng lahat for Kaila’s party. (Remembering this makes me miss Melvin. Hay.) After five weeks, my little girl has adjusted in school! Participated in a debate. Only the second time to participate in such activity. I surprisingly enjoyed it, although my team did not win. Kaila has a yaya. And she loves having a yaya.


Thank you Lord for your blessings. Thank you for keeping me healthy and safe at all times.