It was June and I was busy

School month. Man, I was busy, not only because my classes already started but also because Kaila’s in school. We decided to enroll her at a “creative” learning center instead of our original plan to put her in a daycare with her cousin. She’s keeping me very busy because, three weeks have passed, yet, she’s still not used to the daily routines of going to school-and-mommy leaving her with teacher and her classmates. 😦 She’s always dreading to go to school but after I leave her without her notice, teacher said she participates in class. I tried brainwashing her (school is fun/mommy won’t leave, I’m just downstairs/classmates will play with you/you will draw circles on the board) and tried every means possible to so that she would be excited to go to school but to no avail. She’s not fully adjusted and I cannot understand this phase in her life. What am I going to do? I keep telling myself that she is just testing my patience and that she is still on the adjustment stage and that soon, she will be excited for school. Despite all these, I am happy that she is learning everyday. Lessons for the past weeks included shapes, colors, and letter A, all of which she already knows. They are also being taught to be independent–students are advised to bring extra clothes everyday because they teach the kids how to dress on their own. It is easier to get her to pray before sleeping because they always pray before classes start and before eating. Teacher said Kaila loves to draw circles and that she’s always singing and dancing in class. At sya ang epitome ng batang recess ang paboritong subject, because teacher said she’s always excited during lunch time. She always wants to distribute her classmates’ place mats. She’s not yet used to play with kids her age, probably one reason why she’s not very much excited to go to school. Kids play for 30 minutes before the formal class starts and I noticed that Kaila does not play with her classmates. Either she wants to play with me or with teacher. When her classmates call her, she chose to ignore them or go to me and hide. Anti-social girl! All her classmates know her (they are 10 in class) because she always cries in class and her teachers always make “alo” so that I can escape from the room. Hay, my little girl. I can’t even take a good picture of her in uniform because most of the time, she has sumpong before going to school. Oh and last Tuesday was supposed to be a picture-taking day for their IDs but she had tantrums that she did not want her picture to be taken.

Meanwhile, I’ve been really busy with school as well: four-hour classes every Monday with the dean, and three-hour classes every Wednesday with the dean emiritus. Our professors now are stricter, and the subjects are harder. Oh, and I was named article editor of the law journal. Please God let me survive second year successfully.

On other matters… what other matters? School-home has been my routine ever since. 😉 For July, I hope it will be an easier month. Kaila will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on the 12th and Melvin’s home for a week. Yey. 🙂