May-rry Month of May; Welcome June!

I’m very thankful for the past month (April 28 – May 27) because we got to spend it with Melvin and my Dad & Mom. I discovered a lot of things during our stay in Singapore, like Mom hates washing plates, that I love washing clothes, that I enjoy washing dishes, that Kaila loves the water, and many other significant things. I also learned to control my temper (because Melvin said that I am always angry and always in a bad mood) and just be a happy person. O, of course, I also discovered that I am not a shopaholic, haha. Melvin is.


Welcome June! Finally decided to enroll Kaila in the nearby daycare center. “Para matutong makisalamuha muna, di pa naman seryosong school e,” as Melvin said. Thought he’s right. Kaila’s very aloof with other people. It takes a looooong time before she warms up to strangers. She makes sure that she is safe before doing anything, like swimming. She prefers not to play if there are other kids around, even though she really really wants to play. Hopefully, she will ease up when she goes to school.


Back to school for me as well. Enrolled last Monday, got 50% tuition fee discount because I qualified as academic scholar. Yey! Excited for this sem, excited for school to start, excited to learn new stuff. Good luck on my second year, will be dealing with the father and his son. To quote my classmate, “7 hours of hell” each week. I refuse to agree. More like 7 hours of challenge.