Shopping attempt

So I went shopping yesterday, thanks to my hubby who gave me more than enough so I can buy anything I want (with limits of course). It was unplanned. He requested me to buy pineapple juice, which can only be found at Lucky Plaza (Filipino shopping mall) in Orchard Road. He said that he is feeling dizzy lately (might be high blood–no Lord PLEASE) and that he needs to drink PJ. Kaila did not want to go with me because she was watching Disney Channel so I decided to go alone. It would be my first time to go to Orchard alone, although we’ve been there a few times already. We usually go there by taxi because of Kaila. Only once did we ride the train. I chose to ride the train though; it was faster and more practical. Success, I did not get lost. 😀

Two hours of window shopping and I gave up already. I could not find anything that interests me–blouses/shoes/bags. I already went to several famous (as well as designer) shops–ZARA, MNG, Forever21, Gap, Charles & Keith, etc etc–but did not find anything that suits my taste. What I shopped? Two blouses for Kaila (haha, you always include your daughter when you shop) @ S$20 (sale), 1 Lacoste polo shirt for mom-in-law @S$119.00, and 1 for me! @S$139 ( stripes because I love stripes). Finished shopping already, haha.

Since my friend requested that I buy her Royce’ potatochip chocolate, I went to Takashimaya to get her a box of these famous chocolates from Japan. Reviews say that these chocolates are very delicious so I also bought some for my sister and my friend’s daughter (who loves chocolates). I also grabbed one for myself. Hehe. Such a sweet tooth. Of course, I did not let the day pass without tasting these luscious treats. For myself, I tasted NAMA Chocolate (Au lait). Here it is:

melts in your mouth. and hands.

Nice packaging right? These chocolates have to be kept inside the fridge because they easily melt in your hands. How did I manage to brought them home? The store provided me with an ice pack and a cooling bag to keep the chocolates from melting. Wonderful. 😀 Guess what. My shopping-for-a-new-wardrobe attempt ended up as shopping-for-chocolates-for-pasalubong. I spent S$75: 2 NAMA chocolates (au lait and bitter flavors), 2 chocolate bars, 2 potatochip chocolate. Click this link to their site if you are intrigued by these famous treats from Japan.

Of course my mission not yet accomplished, I proceeded to Lucky Plaza to buy PJs and some cheezewhiz. Spent $39.90 for 3 1.6L cans of PJ and 2 large cheezewhiz. Went home by taxi for S$18.

Yes, yun na ang shopping para sa ‘kin, hahaha.


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