Mommy-Baby Bonding, Jurong Bird Park, May 14, 2001

Since Melvin has work everyday and since it’s  just a few days before going back to the Philippines, I decided to tour Kaila to Jurong Bird Park last Saturday. It was our second time here but since Kaila was barely two when we first visited the place, she could not remember being there.

We got there by taxi (S$5.40) around 3 pm. Kaila was not yet in the mood for pictures but with a little prodding, she posed for a pic near the entrance.

Not yet in the mood for pic, plus the weather was hot hot hot!

After the pic, we proceeded to the ticketing booth for our tickets ($30.00 adult + child, entrance and admission only). I did not choose the admission + train ride since I predicted that it would be more fun if we’d walk the whole trail.

we walked the green trail. (white and red trail if you're riding the train) and it was enjoyable.

Before we proceeded with our walk, I bought Kaila a blue hat (S$30.00!) because the weather, though not sunny, was very hot (the kind of weather wherein you do not know whether it will rain or not). I didn’t want to open our umbrella, for I was carrying her bag on one hand and the camera on the other. Then we had our picture with the parrots. Surprisingly, Kaila was very eager to hold the parrots. Because of that, she ended up looking at the parrots and not at the photographer. (1 photo for S$25.00)

Then, we proceeded with our walk. She enjoyed watching the flamingos and the hornbills as well as the parrots and the lories. She wanted to hold the lories but I told her that the birds would get angry (lame excuse because I was so tired already) so she settled by just looking at the birds. We saw a couple of ostriches (they were big and smelly), toucans (which reminded her of Dora The Explorer), eagles (which she pronounced as ea-girls), and many other variety of colorful birds. She loved seeing the different types of owls. We did not saw the penguins because the space was being renovated. Sayang because she loves penguins. Also, it was too bad we had no photographer, so we took photos of each other only.

In the end, it was an enjoyable (but super tiring) pasyal day for us. Here are other pics from the park (or else it did not happen, as a college friend said):

birds of the wetlands

one of the many lories. you can touch them, play with them, give them food.


Most of the photos were of the birds and I don’t feel like posting them all here, hehe. And I still wish my brother lent me his DSLR.

We went home after two hours. Had to make a call to the taxi company since there was a long queue already. The park closes at 6pm. Paid S$8.90 on our way home. Oh, we had ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s) before we went home. (S$4.90)

A few notes, if you are bringing your child here, make sure that she wears pants/leggings. I had to change Kaila’s shorts to leggings (good thing I always bring 1 set of extra clothes for her when we go out) because she was bitten by insects, mosquitoes I think, while we were at the Wetlands area of the park.


2 comments on “Mommy-Baby Bonding, Jurong Bird Park, May 14, 2001

  1. I extremely enjoyed Jurong Bird Park when we went there. Were you able to watch the show? Yung dad ko tinuka ng lorry tapos tinuka ng isa yung watch ng mom ko. I think they are attracted to shiny things.

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